29 inch Muni for sale or trade for a giraffe

$280 OBO

Older Nimbus & kris holm hybrid unicycle for sale or trade for medium to shorter giraffe unicycle

Only reason I am selling it or trading my unicycle is because I am working on making a fully suspended giraffe unicycle and I want to learn how to ride a giraffe in the first place to see if I like it or not.

Hit me up here or on my email CLJOLLEY3@GMAIL.COM

Here is a photo, forgot to post it earlier but here it is

Are you sure that is a 29"?

List of parts?

It is indeed a 29 with a thick mountain tire, …and as soon as I get home today I will write a list of parts…(there’s no way I can remember the bearing parts but I got them from unicycle.com)

Surely if you had enough money to pay a rider to travel around the world to advertise for you then you can afford to keep your 29 instead and buy a giraffe.

It seems silly after all your talk of loving speed to sell your 29 that is suited to speed to get a giraffe which will almost certainly be disappointing to ride (very low speed)

Ahhh, 29 is too slow anyways, if my geared giraffe ideal fails it’s back to plan A, get a 36er…perhaps with a geared hub…Note: i plan on paying when something actually gets started AND my bills are paid off, I don’t publicize my income but I can easily live off of $10,000 a year or less…leaving quite a lot to spare when my bills are paid off…I also stated I was looking for partnership…but i’m way more chill now about getting it out there…and by giraffe I mean as low as possible for the suspension travel…right now I need to learn how to ride 1…it’s almost like buying a slow racecar just to get on a racetrack and learn…you would learn far more skills Racing in that slow car then driving a Ferrari at 35mph all the time…

I am a speed nut but this will obviously be an experimental project.

By the way are you Justin, the guy who built the 3 speed unicycle on youtube?

Parts list

Frame: Nimbus 29 frame
Tire: wtb Dissent 2.5 29"
Innertube type: Presta type valve
Rim: Kris holm
Cranks:137mm kris holm moment cranks
Pedals: oddesey metal studded pedals
Seat stem:? Black
Seat: kris holm fusion street gel
Seat reinforcer: kris holm-Metal

Sorry guys…it’s sold!!!