29 inch fork

Hey, I’m looking for an affordable 29" fork, Nimbus or Qu-Ax, steel … the two shops in Germany don’t have it anymore, just the alloy version that I can’t afford.

Maybe also somebody has a used one around!? That would be awesome.

Greetings, jEns.

Thanks for your offers, do have now one.

tip: a bike has a frame and a fork. While in German a unicycle has a fork, in English, it has a frame …

I am thinking to sale Mad4One frame. It accomodates 29x2.2 inch tires.

It supposed to fit 2.4 tires but it doesn’t. I use it for road riding setup G29, or Muni 26" (26x2.7).

Are you interested with this size?

May be I can propose you à KH2005 29 frame