29" frame with 26" wheel

Using a 29" Kh 2017 frame (it accept the Duro crux) how fat can it go using a 26"wheel?
Does the frame accept a 26x4? 26x5?

Not sure, but have you measured the inside of the frame? A simple measurement should tell you

I’m too lazy! Tomorrow will try to measure it…

KH29 frame accepts 3.25" tires. 4" might squeeze through but probably a bad idea.

Well, that’s assuming the numbers on the tire are actual measurements. In my experience, they aren’t. A 2.5" wide tire is rarely 2.5" wide when mounted to the rim, some 2.4" marked tires are wider than some 2.6" marked tires. It’s unfortunately not a simple measurement.

yep, strokin is right!