29" frame (KH preferred)

UDC USA is all sold out of 29" frames, just when I want to build a 29er.

I DON’T NEED A DISC TAB. I’m not going to put a disc brake on this setup, so older KH frames are fine. (I’ll take newer, too.) I might consider non-KH frames if they don’t have knee-killing nubs sticking up from the legs.

I was going to suggest the obvious: check UDC Canada (same products, lower prices [low dollar], reasonable shipping, no tariffs) but they are sold out as well.

I would be willing to sell you my well used KH29 frame, I believe it’s a 2007 (bought in 2008) painted black with extra brake mounts for wide 26" rims. It’s not particularly pretty but an option if you can’t find anything more local.

*I am considering selling the my fateful old frame to replace it with the new wider KH29 frame

Not cheap, but not eeeeeverybody is sold out : )

Goudurix has several different options including KH. I belive they charge $12 shipping anywhere in North America.

Here’s one of theirs, you can find the other ones in the same section of the site:

Thanks to you guys who mentioned Compulsion Cycles & Goudurix. I must admit that i forget about those guys more than i should.

Saskatchewanian, I may take you up on that frame. Could you PM me with pics and price?

Have a look at UDC UK, they are in stock for nimbus oracle if you want a brand new one.

They did have a KH29 frame, but I bought it couple of weeks ago when they had the kris holm sale.


It is £90, which will be $142 USD. Not sure on delivery however. Probably be around £20 (which is $31.55).

PM sent