29" for sale...

Here’s the listing. Feel free to contact me if you have questions/comments.


Also selling my Magic Wheel


Shtuff for Sale

My 29" is for $199…free delivery for residents of Northern VA & DC!!


Magic Wheel


Sorry… But way overpriced.

For a Sun that is way to over priced, start the bid at like $50 with no reserve and you might sell it.

Yeah, with original Sun components. I might try for a 100 but less than that and I might as well keep it for myself.

If it does not sell I would suggest re-listing it with no starting bid but with your reserve price at whatever you would let it go for.

People would be more likely to bid on it and get more interested even if they are trying to low-ball you. If nobody bids high enough then you don’t need to sell it, but I think you can opt to sell it to the highest bidder despite not getting your reserve.

not 100% sure how it works as I have only bought stuff on eBay and not sold anything.

Thanks for the advice! I’m not very savvy with eBay. Someone just made me an offer and I’m going to go with it.

Hey, aren’t you the guy that unicycled around the North Pole?? :slight_smile: :thinking:


It’s back up BY REQUEST for $150


I saw you got a bid. Ebay is tricky. your price can be fair but the shipping is a killer. I am in NC and it was $52 just to get it here. I would have loved to have it but it just wasn’t cost effective.

I know what you mean…the shipping is killer on me to because, although I calculate everything right, I end up having to pay like $20 more dollars in shipping because it turns out it costs more than what ebay said it would…plus all the fees I have to fork up to ebay for using their service. I’m not very knowledgeable when it comes to selling on ebay…I wish I could have helped you out.

SOLD…delete this thread

I sold my 29"

ADMIN: you can delete this thread if possible…it’s just junk now.