I’m not going to get one right away (I’m broke) but I wanna know of a good one. And is it better to get 125’s or 150’s? Is this a good one?
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If you want to ride on road then 125s every time, off road 125s or 150s depending on what sort of terrain you’re thinking of and if you like short cranks.

Personally I’d go for a yuni frame as you’re guaranteed they’ll fit any existing tyre you want to put in to them, whereas it isn’t obvious whether that frame will fit anything bigger than a nanoraptor. If you go offroad on a 29er, you’ll want one of the big fat tyres. Also on road you might want one of them 2.3" slicks.


Like Joe said, a Yuni (Nimbus in UK) frame is a good idea.

Here’s the Nimbus uni: -


Cheap but very good.

I’ve got one of these myself and would definitly recomend getting a fatter tyre than the 45 mm it comes with.

For crank length I was happy with 125’s as they were fast but had ok control, I tried 110’s and they were too short for the hills with inadequate control, I’ve not tried 150’s but will do soon.

I’ve got the Yuni 29r. Nanoraptor tire. I’ve got 150s on it at the moment because I raced crosscountry on the Tour d’ Wolf. I’ve also got 125s. (crank puller is at the UPS hub for monday delivery).

The 150s make the irregularities of the trail doable. But it is sluggish on the road. I say you’ll want both sets of cranks.

You’re welcome to try before you buy. (We’ll have to put you a smaller seat post)

Tell me when you want to, I’ll bring it to some MUC mtg or just up at Shelby Farms.

There is another Yuni 29r in MUC. David’s has 150s too.

tom@jwmooreinc.com or memphismaxwells@aol.com

It’s amazing what can be achieved on a 28 with 110s. 125s are slow on the flat bits, but better on the hilly bits. 150s for real rough stuff.

Oh drat i can’t remember his name now…but the guy with the red hair has one too and he let me ride it…i liked it cause I’m not quite big enough to fit a coker.

Re: 29"er

I agree that the Yuni (aka Nimbus II) is a good frame and fits the
widest tyres. For road use 125’s are probably the best, certainly
150’s are too long. Mikefule recommends 110’s but he is a short crank
specialist (IMHO). For off-road I’d say 150’s or possibly even 170’s.

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