29 er uni distributer/ manufacturere websites.

Post one or post them all. I’ve got the fever and need a 29er!

Ummm… Unicycle.com!!! Huh!!!(Dance in place!!! Dance in place!!!)

I recommend the Yuni 29er from http://www.unicycle.com

Uni’s are like boats with boats you get 2 footitis and with Uni’s you get 2 inchitis the end result is you still end up with the BIG ONE so you probably have or have had a 20" a 24" maybe even a 26" and now you think you want the 29" and fortunately Uni’s are cheaper than boats BUT GET THE COKER

LiveWire Unicycles

Does unicycle.com actually distribute to dealers such as a LBS?

Yes, see the Dealers section at Unicycle.com.

If I were to get the sports shop at which I work to start dealing with unicycles, I wonder if it would it be reasonable for me to assume that employee pricing would be available. I’m constantly being asked where I purchased my current unicycle when im out riding and it seems as though people around here are rather reluctant to purchase anything online.

Thanks John Childs.Any others out there?

Bedford, Kris Holm, Schlumpf and I’m sure Hunter could make a 29er frame.