29" Coker

I’m building a 29" wheel for my Coker. I’m thinking it would be easier to just buy a 29" frame to put it in - instead of swapping wheels. UDC has a 29" frame for $65. Does anyone know off-hand if the Coker hub (128mm center to center, I think) will fit this frame? Or, can it be “helped” to fit? For the difference of only several mm, can the frame be spread apart without any adverse effects? The bearings will have to be shimmed to fit the 42mm holders.

Upon further research, the UDC frame is 100mm - too far to stretch. Does anyone know of another 29" (or cheap 36") frame that will fit the Coker hub or come close?

If you’re building a new 29er wheel to go in a new frame, why does it matter if the Coker hub will fit? Can’t you just use a normal width UDC or KH hub to fit the frame?

Or are you planning it so the 29" wheel can be used in the Coker frame as well?

You can quite easily bend a steel 36er frame between the two hub widths (normal 100mm and extra-wide (125mm?)) - I’ve had both types of hub in my QuAx steel 36" frame (same as the original Coker). Probably wouldn’t be a good idea to bend an aluminium frame that much though if yours is a new Coker. You’d probably get away with it on a steel 29er frame if you really need to.

I’m using the Coker hub because I already bought an unused one off a forum member, intending to use the built 29" wheel in my Coker frame. Now I think trading wheels will be a PITA, so I just want to put the 29" in it’s own frame. Upon further investigation, UDC states it’s steel 36" Titan frame for $70 has a bearing widith of 128mm - same as the Coker width. I may just go that route.

I may have a 29" frame at home. I’ll check this evening and get back to ya’

Ah - that makes sense now :slight_smile:


48 spoke, 29" wheel is done. Looks niiiiiice. Now I have to find a home for it. I’ll be visiting UDC website in the morning.

Cool where did you find a 48h 700C rim?

Meant for a tandem?

Yes, it’s a tamdem rim. I found it at Niagra Cycles for $32. I’ve never owned one, but I ride with guys that have the Sun Rhyno Lite rims and they beat the snot out of them. They’re a pretty stong rim by themselves, and I’m thinking that 48 spokes is a little overkill for my purposes, but that’s what I needed to lace up a Coker hub.

too late to tell you now but it is actually pretty easy to lace a 32h rim to a 48h hub

it just looks like this

Super wide hub, 48 spokes, You probably have one of the strongest 29" wheels out there.

Only as strong as the cotterless cranks!

Here’s a pic of the 29" Coker wheel. I’ve decided to go with the UDC Titan frame for $70. I’m in good standing with the Master Welder down the street, so I’m planning on chopping 2-3 inches off the frame legs and replacing the stamped bearing holders with the 40mm machined ones from the 24" freestyle frame I bought several months ago from UDC for $10. Maybe sometime in the future, I’ll build a 20" ISIS wheel and buy 42mm bearing holders to weld on the freestyle frame.


The 29" Coker is done. The Titan frame from UDC looks pretty good with the 29" wheel under it. Not as much empty space above the tire as I expected. I will probably leave it “as is”. Besides, the chrome looks nice and I don’t want to screw that up with brazing.

Nice. Between the wide hub and 48 spokes I don’t imagine you’ll have problems with the wheel going out of true.

I think you’re right. This was originally going to be my daily commuter - not to see anything bigger than a few curb drops, but I think it may hold up to some mild Muni as well.

That should hold up for any muni other than huge drops, as long as you keep the cranks tight.

Heh. You figured out how to make a 29er look small. When I got my 29, it made my 26 look small, but that 36 frame makes the 29 look small.

Yes, but it’s deceptive - I thought it looked small too, until I hopped up on it. Rides very nice with the 125 cranks.