29" Choices

It looks like I will seek a 700c rim based 29" unicycle at some point in the future. Cost is a factor but not the driving one. I’m looking for a quality unicycle at a reasonable price. Looks like the KH 29" XC is a varsity level uni in that class without paying a lot of extra money for small production run, hand-made unicycles. I want something better and stronger than the $200-300 unicycles, but I don’t want to jump into the over $1000 price range either.

Desired use is cruising on pavement for exercise (probably with shorter cranks and a smooth tire like the big apple) with a future to include some trail riding where I would want to use longer cranks and the knobby that comes on the stock uni. I like the idea that the KH has a mount option for a brake should I ever get serious in the Muni direction–good plan or not?

Any other serious competitors in that class that I should look at in detail before committing?


KH sounds perfect for what you want to do and what price/quality range you have in mind.

Go for it!

Re: 29" Choices

I should be able to meet your requirements, Carey. If you are interested, you are welcome to contact me.