29" Bedford and a Big Apple


Does anybody know if a 29", 2.35 Big Apple will fit a 29" Bedford? Anybody riding this combination?


I don’t know how much bigger the Big Apple is but here is the crown clearance with a Nanoraptor.

Hi Steve,

Thanks for responding.

The Nano-raptor is 2.1" and the Big Apple is 2.35. Whoa! That doesn’t leave much room - assuming that the B.A. really is 2.35.
That “if” is the reason that I’m waiting to, be sure, before I order the B.A.


Re: 29" Bedford and a Big Apple

On Wed, 25 Feb 2004 22:50:55 -0600, Tmornstar wrote:

>The Nano-raptor is 2.1" and the Big Apple is 2.35. Whoa! That doesn’t
>leave much room - assuming that the B.A. really is 2.35.

Mine is 59 mm (2.32 inch). Mounted on a rim with inside width of 22 mm
(0.87 inch). On a wider rim it might be 2.35 or more.

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Looking at the picture, I’d be worried about the clearance at the top too. The big apple really is a darn big tyre. It’s significantly bigger than the IRC Notos, which is itself a bit bigger than a Nanoraptor. You might be best off waiting till you meet up with someone with a big apple and then trying their wheel in your frame.


I’m right here. I’ve got what you need. Like a carrot dangling inches from your nose. You will get that carrot. It dangles so close…but…so…far!

Come to the carrot, Tommy. Come to the carrot. Your carrot awaits, 2T.

what…8 days…?

Hi Joe,

That is exactly what I plan to do if I don’t find somebody with experience with that specific set-up. “Memphis Mud” is in our Memphis Unicycle Club and has a Big Apple but I won’t see him for another couple of weeks. Patience is not one of my strong attributes as I’m dreaming of my new 29”, powder-coated Bedford while all the components are winging their way toward a rendezvous with me in Memphis.


No patience at all. Couldn’t even let me respond to Joe’s post!

So, I’m bumping this thread back onto the list to again ask, has anybody uses a Big Apple on 29" Bedford frame?

so why not pm darren bedford, he should know…

If its a done deal on the frame, have him send it to my house. I’ll put my BA on it and you’ll know toot sweet.

Or if its already here in Memphis, I’ll swing by your house and pick it up and perform the aforementioned procedure.

I did ask Darren but he doesn’t know of anybody that has tried a B.A. under one of his frames. He was, as you might imagine, was the first person that I asked.

Memphis Mud,
I just got off the phone with Rody and she said that there was a package there waiting for me in Memphis - my beautiful 29er. You can swing by and flirt with my wife but keep your hands off my unicycle.



Jeff Groves had a big apple on his new 29"

I have found that the frames are a little different in height or fork length.

They were not made for a 29" tire of today
but most will work fine.
You can always get out the Drumel if it’s to tight.

I mounted a Nano Raptor to that frame before it left my shop and it fit well.

Let me know if you have any other questions.

Thanks again for all the orders,

Thanks Darren,
As always, you’re always on top of fielding questions and communicating.

I recently rode a Nano-Raptor that Rod Wylie just happened to have in his car when we met for a MUni ride. He had been following this thread and knew where I was in my quest for the “perfect” 29er. It was the first time that I had ridden a 29” for more than a few seconds and I was super-impressed with the Nano-Raptor’s performance. After that experience I was less hell-bent on the Big Apple. If fits my frame, cool. If is doesn’t and I have to Drumel it, I might. When I get back to Memphis (In only 3 days – ‘Can’t wait!) I’ll check the clearances with Memphis Mud’s wheel.


Tommy your answer may reside in my Amatuer Scientist post.


Actually, that was a Motoraptor.:wink:

Acually it was a NanoRapter…:wink: :wink:

Sounds like you guys should be volunteering for the 29er Tire Study!


OK, I volunteer. Now what? Do I get a memebrship card, or anything? Do I get to go out in the West Texas desert and see how the tires hold up in 100 degree heat outside of Del Rio? I’m all over it! Yes. Sign me up! Sign up Tom Maxwell (Memphis Mud), too. We like eating Mexican food and drinking Mexican beers together. After all, we ARE from the “Volunteer State.”


So cool. I’ll put you both on the riders list. We’re up to 6 riders now.