28th may 2017 - 14. Europemarathon in Görlitz-Zgorzelec

On may 28th 2017 in Görlitz-Zgorzelec the 14. Europamarathon takes place. At this unique marathon the track goes transborder through Germany and Poland and hand bikers, skaters and scooters are allowed to start. In 2017 unicycles will be allowed for the first time. Due to complications in organization we will „only“ start at the half marathon distance (as well as the hand bikers, skaters and scooters) but hope being allowed to race full marathon distance in 2018. For our first participation, we want to find out how well unicycling fits into the event concept and which potentials this event may have for us in the following years. Thus we would be very happy to get much encouragement in form of many registrations. The race track is best to rev up.

For further information please visit einradsachsen.com/termine/europamarathon


Race start: 28th may 2017 around 09:00 a.m. (Elisabethstraße/ Elisabeth Street)
Start number distribution: 27th may 02.00 – 08.00 p.m. and 28th may from 07.00 a.m. (Augustum-Annen-Gymnasium/ Augustum-Annen-School, Annengasse/ Annen Street 4)
Pasta party: 27th may 2017 05:30 – 09.00 p.m. (Elisabethplatz/ Elisabeth Square)
Award ceremony: subsequent to the race

Register online at the organizers homepage at register.europamarathon.de/register. Authorized to start are only those who have registerd at the organizers page and paid the fee.

In addition, all unicyclists should register here at our site at einradsachsen.com/termine/europamarathon/registration/. Only those who have registered here will be judged in classes (standard/ unlimitded). The organizers only judge overall standings.

Registration fee: 25€/80zł (till 31.01.17), 30€/100zł (till 03.04.17), 35€/120zł (till 15.05.17) or 40€/140zł (late registration 27.05.-28.05.17 on site)
Closing date: 15th may 2017, 11:59 p.m.

The rules of the IUF for road races apply.
Safety gear: shoes, gloves and helmet are compulsory, knee and elbow pads are recommended
Classes: standard/ unlimited
– Standard: rim diameter (ERD) max 622mm (28/29er), no gearing
– Unlimited: all wheel sizes and gearing are allowed
Age classes depending on registration numbers

The race track is an asphalted round course of half marathon distance (21,0975km) through Görlitz and ridden once.
Height profile: link
Track course: Google Maps and YouTube

Subsequent to the race there will be showers at the event area.
In addition to many hotels and guesthouses there is a free gym accommodation. Just register at the start number distribution on saturday.

Further information
Please find all other information at the organizers homepage:
– Homepage: europamarathon.de/Announcement-2017.htm

All information is also available in Polish! (Thanks to Vookie for the Translations!!!)

That sounds like a GREAT event! I wish I could go!

No problem, I wanted to have marathon in Poland, so I hope this is a step forward to have it in 2018. Pity that the half-marathon route does not cross the border, but I hope to have some Polish riders show up anyway.

Until now, 2 Polish and 5 German riders have registered. I’m hoping to see some Czech riders too.

We just reached 15 registrations yet and now have riders from Poland, the Czech Republic and Germany.

Announcement and registration are now available in English, German, Polish and Czech.

28 registrations now :slight_smile:
Tomorrow registration fee will rise up by 5€ (20zł).


I’d love to arrive but it is so far from Pilsen :smiley:

The period of low registration fee (20€ / 80zł) has been extended until 5th February.

We’ve just hit 40 registrations!

It was a great race yesterday. Perfect weather and a really nice track.
Here are the results:

Thanks Eric for doing that possible! It was fun to ride and it is great that we have chances for the full marathon next year.