28" uni's

Simon asked:

>> I got hold of 1x28" Bike Rim from an old Dutch Bike which came from
>> Whilst in Maastricht a little while ago I bought a 28"x1.5 Tyre, thinking
>> that this would adiquately fit on my rim. But no. It really doesn’t seem to
>> fit at all.
>> I am at a complete loss as to why not. The tyre also quotes 622x40 (the
>> metric equivalent of 28"x1.5 ?) - but I thought it would be a 700cx35/38/40
>> or something similar. Can anyone expand …

Roger replied:

-As far as understand it there are 2 measurements for tyres, the old way was to
-measure the rim, the new way is to measure the outside of the tyre of a datum
-tyre and then give enlargements on the diameter by the extra letters… or
-something like that. -Pashley

Simon answers:

Roger’s right - for those interested - a trip to the bike shop confirmed this.
There are indeed several types of 28" wheel/tyre. Believe it or not 28x1.5 is
not the same as 28x1-1/2 (decimal vs fraction), the metric sizes of these tyres
are 622x40 (or 700c - thats just a name though) and 635x40, a whole 13mm
difference, no wonder my tyre wouldn’t fit ! Anyway I’m now the proud of owner
of a home hacked 28" uni which I made from a 24" uni - how ? It will all be web
documented soon…

you learn something new everyday.


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