28" rim

Anyone who has any experience of 28 inch rims? I’m intending to build a cruising wheel for my Pashley, 125 cranks and 28" or 29" rim and a thin tire. Seems a little hard to find a reasonably prized, boxed rim that size. So far I’ve just found “Alex x101” ok prize but doesn’t seem very rigid.

Either Mavic T219 / T519 or T something else are what you want. In 700c size. That’s the same as 29" and what a lot of people call 28". Any odd 28" size that isn’t 700c isn’t worth buying. Go to a shop that sells tandem bike parts if you’re having trouble finding them in 36/48 hole. I’ve got a T261 and it’s great.

They’re probably the strongest 700c rims out there, they’re eyeletted, double section thingummies and I had no problem building one up for my 29er, so they can’t be hard to build with.

Don’t get a really thin tyre by the way, in my experience on anything other than a race track (ie. on roads) the fatter the tyre, the faster you go, I’d get the fattest slick tyre you can fit in the frame. Touring / tandem bike shops are again good for these sorts of tyre.


Excellent, been wondering what that 700 thingy was. Now It’s easy finding a rim.