28 or Coker?

I’m 5 foot 7 (170 cm) and 10 stone or so (75 kg) with years of experience of general riding, including simple off roading, and a few months’ recent but intensive experience of muni on a 26 and 24.

So, what would be best: going straight for the Coker, with the very big wheel, dodgy build quality, shortish cranks and so on, or getting a Nimbus 28 inch/ 700c ?

The Coker is obviously ‘the real thing’ and the ultimate and so on. Sooner or later I’ll probably get one, I know. The 28 is (presumably) more manageable, easier to mount and idle. It’s also about half the price! Recognising that the final decision is mine and mine alone, and I am therefore in a state of existential angst, which uni would the members of the panel buy in my situation?

My general ability level:
On my 20 I freemount with 99% success; on my 24 with about 90% and on the 26, about 80% on tarmac, and with variable success on rough terrain. My longest day’s ride is 20 miles (26 inch Muni) mainly off road. On the 26 I can average 6 mph over 5 miles. I can idle indefinitely on the 20 and 24. I’m not quite so good on the 26, although better with the 170 mm cranks. I’m definitely a one-sided mounter and idler, although I can do either side if I really have to.


If I had a 20, 24, and 26 already I would go for the Coker. Why? Largest wheel, most speed. Unbeatable esthetic appeal. Incredibly smooth ride. Unbeatable esthetic appeal. In the US they’re cheap, only $300. Unbeatable esthetic appeal.

Did I mention unbeatable esthetic appeal?

Re: 28 or Coker?

>If I had a 20, 24, and 26 already I would go for the Coker. Why? Largest
>wheel, most speed. Unbeatable esthetic appeal. Incredibly smooth ride.

I too would recommend the Coker. As for the freemounting, I freemount a 20" and
24" (at least before I loaned it out a while ago) without any trouble. I’m 5’4"
and I believe somewhat heavier than 10 stone.(Only my family, my doctor and
John Drummond know for sure - hey he seemed to want to know for making a uni

I also idle and mount only one way: left foot down. (I’ve tried with the right
down but had little success and it’s not something I’m committed to getting).
But I am at least 4 out of every 5 freemounts on the Coker. I would definitely
not let the mounting issue sway you away from buying a Coker.

The ride is, indeed, very smooth.

As for “esthetic appeal”, I don’t know. I think they look a little weird. (But
don’t tell mine I said so).

Raphael Lasar
Matawan, NJ

Re: 28 or Coker?

Hi Mike,

Get a Coker. No doubt about it.
You can try mine out first if you

Arnold the Aardvark

You should really go with the coker. Although a 28 is a nice ride, a coker is so smooth, and fast… Like a cat. Plus you could say “Yep, I have a coker”
-David Kaplan