28 " or 29" tire.

Hello all, I am looking for a new tire for my Sun 28". I need something that will fit on the original sun rim. I’ve looked at UCD and there isnt much of what im looking for. So, if anyone could post links or something I could use I would much appreciate it.

edit: I just want something to allow me to go fast… so yeah… whatever allows one to go fast


I think we reviewed this subject just a short time ago–but since it is one I am directly interested, here is the link (again) to a tire solution that I found using the search feature.

Michelin 700c X 47c for Sun Frame and rim

I picked up a 28er sun the other day to prepare for the unithon that I am most likely not going to make afterall, but still, I wanted a 28er, so…

I ordered that Michelin already, so I’lllet you know how it works out. When I assembled the unicycle, I put my KH saddle on it, Nimbus X cranks, and metal pedals. I took it to my LBS to ask the bike mechanic if he thought the wheel needed truing, and he told me to ride it around a bit first, then take it back, but for the moment, it appeared OK.

I rode it up and down this short paved path next to my house–it actually feels pretty good–nice and light and solid. I did not take it for any extended rides yet because I strained my back a few days ago (chief reason why I may not make the unithon), but one thing I did notice–the stock tire it comes with is a bit sucky. A plasticky nylon thing–not horrible, but not any real fun. I don’t think I’ll push this unicycle (nor my back) till I get the Michelin, which is due to arrive on the 15th.

But check out the link above–at least the size specs for the tire might be a good guide, and as far as going fast on this tire, well, sure, it looks like a fast tire, I guess…

EDIT-- ps–I ordered the tire through biketiresdirect.com or some website like that. Do a google search on bike tires, and you’ll find a bunch of sites that sell them. Mine went for $18.99. Also, check your LBS–they may have something similar…