28/29" Freemounting

I am between 5’4" and 5’5". How easy or difficult is it for someone of my height to freemount a 28" or 29" unicycle using a standard static or rollback mount?

I have to do a rolling mount to get on a Coker and I would only want something in the 28" or 29" range if I were able to mount it without doing the rolling mount.

Raphael Lasar
Matawan, NJ

You should be fine with a little practice. But what’s so bad about a rolling mount?

The way I usually mount falls into the “rolling” category, but it’s not really a rolling mount. The wheel stops while I hop on, but I keep going.

I’m 6’-0", and I mount my 45" wheel easily (rolling style).

There is nothing wrong with it per se. I am finding that I want to do more local riding of some distance and I find the Coker too big and my mounting to be too erratic, particularly when tired, for the purpose, for example, of keeping up with my daughter on her bicycle. Particularly on narrow paths my mounts often send me in a direction other than my intended one on the Coker and I have no space to make adjustments. I’m hoping that a 28" or 29" uni will allow me more comfort and stability with respect to getting on and off and not sacrifice my ability to go longer distances. Since I only ride anything close to a long distance at the LBI Unithon each year, I think going with a smaller one makes sense. And I’ll just have to take a little longer to finish the Unithon.

As much as I love my Coker I’m considering trading it in for a 28"/29" unicycle and trading my 24" for a 20" for my daughter. That would leave us with two 20", a 28"/29" and a giraffe which is more than adequate for my riding needs.

Raphael Lasar
Matawan, NJ

You know that only works out at two unicycles each? :astonished:

I’m sure she’s worth more than that!

More seriously, Raphael - before you buy a Coker substitute, try using longer cranks on it. It makes mounting easier, riding slowly easier, and stopping easier. Yet it won’t limit your top speed all that much, especially compared with your top speed on a 29". Also try lowering your seat a little on the Coker. You might not have to spend the money.

I have the original cranks on the Coker which are 6 inches. And the seat is already at its lowest point.

My plan was not to spend additional money on a 28"/29" unicycle, but to trade or use the proceeds from the sale of the Coker to get one. But thanks for the tips and I’ll still have to ponder this monumental decision. :slight_smile:

Raphael Lasar
Matawan, NJ

does everybody know what i’m going to say about the Coker?

Sell it,trade it.whatever.

i never got the “joy” out of those things.a 29er with 110mm cranks is safer lighter and plenty fast etc.

I am 5’ 8 1/2" with a 30" inseam and I can freemount my 29" with 150mm cranks consistently using a rollback mount, although sometimes it’s not pretty. I can idle and hop on it too. I tried it with 125mm cranks and it felt kinda scary, far less control.

I bought my 28 with 110s, and freemounted it first time, and have seldom missed. In many ways, it is the easiest of my unis to mount. Not as far to jump as the Coker, and less twitchy than the MUni.

If you are a reasonable freemounter, a 28/29 will present no difficulties.

My argument for short cranks making freemounting easier, is that the wheel is less likely to rollback if you don’t want it to. Small crank, big wheel, means you can put a bit of weight on the crank without the wheel scooting back.

A 28 is more versatile and probably faster than a Coker, but all comparisons fall down if a Coker is what you want.

I’m getting way ahead of things here, and going off-topic to boot, but how much might you consider selling the Coker for, if that is what you end up doing?


Re: 28/29" Freemounting

I just got a Yuni 29".

I’m at the stage of learning to unicycle where MOST of my mounts succeed – on my 20". With my new 29", I am having trouble. But I just need more practice. And I am 6’ tall. So, none of that applies to you. But…

I’m not too far from where you live – we could meet somewhere and you could try mine. I wouldn’t mind driving to Matawan. It’s about 45 minutes from where I work. Or, can you come to the next Unatics meet? (Saturday, Feb 15)

Also, I got the 300mm seat post and I have it adjusted as LOW as it will go. I’ve been thinking about cutting some off – I’ll cut even more off if you are interested in trying my 29".

E-mail me or send me a private message if you are interested.

uni57 (Dave)

Wow, johnfoss where did you get a 45’ wheel? That’s the biggest i have ever hard of. Sorry for side tracking your post.


Wow, johnfoss where did you get a 45’’ wheel? That’s the biggest i have ever hard of. Sorry for side tracking your post.


I’m 6’ and have no trouble mounting my 29er. I can even jump mount the 29er but not with the unicycle standing straight up - I have to tilt it back towards me because I just can’t jump high enough.

Mikefuel wrote:

I agree with the above statement for a static mount where the cranks are horizontal (or nearly). I’ll add that shorter cranks make a rollback mount tougher.

Steve Howard

From the “Sucking Huge Unicycle” Factory. But actually I can only freemount my 45 inch wheel.

There. No mistakes…

I once rode a 63.5" wheel unicycle as well. It was the biggest in the world at the time. But I didn’t attempt to freemount it as it was very spindly and not mine. Plus it was dark out and there was snow on the ground… :slight_smile:

Wait tell you have Shifty- it’s a joy to move back to 29 mode after boming around at 43; everything seems care-free and easy.

A much as I like the feel of Tommy’s 26 Fireball/Sem, I’d do the 29 thang first. Not bad at all climbing. It lacks the ‘cruze controll’ of the Coker, but is way more manuverable; after riding the big wheel, it feels like a 24.

I think weight is more of an inhinderance to jump mounting than height… and crank length more than either (can’t say as I’ve tryed it short and tall- but heavy and light, yes). Lewis has some stuby little cranks on his 29, and they always freak me out.


Re: 28/29" Freemounting

On Thu, 6 Feb 2003 17:16:12 -0600, johnfoss
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>nu_uni wrote:
>> *Wow, johnfoss where did you get a 45’ wheel? *
> From the “Sucking Huge Unicycle” Factory. But actually I can only
>freemount my 45 inch wheel.

That’s funny. On the newsgroup, nu_uni’s original mail said
45doublequote, and your quote (erm, OK your copy) above made that

The biggest wheel I ever saw in a picture is here:
<http://www.unicycling.org/unicycling/btdt/unique.html>. The caption
suggests it is 73 inches diameter.

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