$275 super cheap, sweet alien uni. :D

you can see everything that is here. That is a steel seat post so its strong :slight_smile:
everything is in really good shape as u can see. super cheap, sick uni.
whatever, I’ll even pay shipping


Would you pay shipping to Australia?? :slight_smile:

I will find out how much shipping is for you if you want to buy it. let me know if your serious and your address, and ill find out.

but i wont pay shipping to australia though

bummer! i just noticed it had a rounded frame :frowning:

are those cranks 125s?

they say 140mm if you look closely on the inside of the crank :slight_smile:

still have it

knox, PM him :wink:

ya i still have it


price lowered to $250

Still available? Shoot me a pm

Gotta tell ya guys, I rode Joseph uni’s today, And they are light, crisp, and tight as new.
They feel right on the money. I rode the cranks off my “old” one, Didn’t I big J. Hillarious.
Joseph is a humble PRO. Amazing to see in person. We shot some good vids, Look forward to it all coming together soon. What a privilage to record some of his tricks, and he STUCK em…amazing. Thanks for the day bud, Gotta do it again soon.