270 unispin

I ALMOST landed a 270 unispin yesterday!! it was pretty sweet. I got both feet on the wheel, but… it was weird. my left knee was in front of the seat, and my right knee was behind it where it should be. I start with my left foot back, and turn the unicycle to the right for the unispin…
has anyone else had this problem? how can I make sure both legs are behind the seat where they should be?

I sometimes have this same problem, except that I am working ona 90 unispin instead of a 270. Although it feels really weird, I find that if I actually just start hopping, it usually goes away within a few hops, or else I fall off. I am sure it will go away if you practice enough.

a 90 uni spin???

that sounds pretty sweet i can land a 180 uni spin but thats about it. but i mailny pratice hoping on the wheel

also known as transition to hopping on the wheel. While not really being much of a spin, but still can have the same problem of one foot in front of the seat.

do you need ur seat out in front of you to do like 270 degrees and above or do you just torqe your hips faster or something like that? yah cuz i can only do 180’s

I do them all the time now, at first i did hte same thing, just pracitce and try to land with both your knees in tha right spot.