270 Unispin, 180 tire to tire Help

I’m pretty consistent with my unispin, rolling, seat in, one hand, etc, I haven’t been able to land the 360 though. Do you think the 270 off tire is easier or the 180 from tire to tire

180 on tire was definitely easier for me. The 270 from the tire to pedals isn’t exactly hard, but the hand positioning is a little bit odd unless you really throw it.

From easiest to hardest, I’d say 90 unispin -> 180 unispin - 270 unispin -> 360 unispin -> 180 on tire -> 270 down from tire.

Have you learned 270 to tire? I agree with obtusellama that it’s easier than 3s, 270s down, and 180s on tire. 270s down are very similar to 360s for me, except slightly more difficult. 180s on tire are not bad, but I was really scared of them for a while. Make sure when you’re throwing them you keep your hands on the saddle.

Hope that helps!

No I can’t 270 to tire, I do a lot of freestyle and have a freestyle uni but I’ve been doing street lately. So 270 on to tire is easier than the 360? Do you just need to jump off the uni a lot higher?

Assuming you can 90 to tire, 270 is not that much harder. It’s easier than 360s because you can hold the seat all the way with your front hand, so you always have complete control. Once you’re really comfortable with the technique of jumping up to the tire with 90s, go for 270s! Just focus on your hand position, make sure your front hand stays on the entire time and then catch also with your other hand as you land. I can easily film some clips of the hand position/technique if you’d like, let me know. :slight_smile:

Yeah I can do the ninety pretty easy, and that would be cool if you could film the hand position for it, if it’s not to much trouble, there aren’t any tutorial’s on it that I’m aware of

I’d be happy to film a little tutorial tomorrow :slight_smile:

Alright cool thanks a lot

No worries. My camera is charging now, sorry I didn’t get it up when I said :o

Here it is :slight_smile:

cool thanks a lot I now just need to practice it