27" BC wheel design

After recent attempts at one foot wheel walk I got a brief sense of glide and thought I would make a BC wheel to practice on. My first 20" wheel was pretty shoddy, and heres the second design I came up with, picked it up this morning, just in time for the Australia Day long weekend. I thought this design would allow better stability with feet lower, and the ability to brace into the frame with the knees. The aluminium does flex slightly but not enough to get into the spokes. I have read a couple of threads on this forum, but wasn’t sure exactly how the dynamics of this sort of BC wheel would go. Test ride will come tonight…

cheers, JOEL

That’s ridiculous.

you can’t turn on that or hop correct? or rub…

:astonished: WOAH.

That thing must be heavy.

holy holes in a doughnut, batman!

that’s a super-specialty BC right there.
can’t really do anything on it but ride…
looks super heavy and cool though.

you will definatly hit your plates on the ground as you are riding from doign a turn or similar.

if i were you i’d put them o na 36" rim, make a sweet bc wheel

Have you seen Brian MacKenzie’s 40mm cranks on his Coker? It’s basically a BC Wheel you can control the speed on…

I like how you left the reflector on. Just in case you’re doing street :stuck_out_tongue:

From what i can see, when you do ride it. I see 2 problems

  1. Your weight may cause the pedals or where you put your feet to bend/corrode or break
  2. The steel framing or what the material is on the BC, will snap under pressure or will touch your tire causing the tire to get scratched and go bold.

Besides that, It looks pretty heavy and doesn’t look very manoeuvrable.

I think its pretty damn neat. I would love to try it.

With 40mm cranks its still gonna be pretty hard to control speed without a brake.lol

I think the hub is a 3/8" and I don’t see how you’ll brake. But I guess you get points for originality.

Cool idea:)
Suggested modifications:
Stamp the inside of the aluminum as well and get it hardened for increased strength.
Redrill the hole one inch lower or cut off the footrests and weld back on an inch or two higher for more turning clearance, or rebend to get them higher.

that would be great for going fast on a long, fairly straight, smooth path, and looks like a lot of fun. If you are just playing on a hill, then weight shouldn’t make a big difference. Right on for building it though, the knee brace thing is a good idea, even if it demolishes all chances of speed control:) Round the corners on your footplates and your clearance problem will be helped out.

love the old road bike tyre!

a friend of mine did this, but its supposed to be much higher quality (7071 alluminum…welded by a MASTER welder)
I need to go try it. it looks like yours would bash your knees.

That thing needs spinners.


That looks like fun, but turning and braking would be tough. You wouldn’t get big burned on your leg from the tire though… You could use it on long gradual straight hills.

I think you should go on long distance BC tours with that thing.

Hehe^^. But holy crap you might as well put friggin handle bars on it. Hows it ride?