27.5 plus Muni

I have my 27.5 plus complete now.
Custom machined hub. 32 Titanium spokes.
Stan’s Hugo 52 rim. Panaracer Fat B Nimble tire. Tubeless.
Machined 150 moment’s. Magnesium body/ titanium axle pedals.
Kris holm fusion / free ride saddle. Avid juicy brakes. Custom handle i made after seeing Jogi’s .Under 11 pounds done. Anyone interested?

What frame is that? Is it my eyes or do the legs look to be a different angle than the seat post (slightly bent forwards)? could be just the camera lens making it look that way I guess.

Curious. Looks beautiful. What’s the hub spacing?

27.5 plus

I made the frame from t6 aluminum, yes the seatpost leans forward. I did that for extra knee clearance . I will measure the hub spacing shortly, I machined the hub as well.

Any details of the frame? Round crown? Square? How much tire clearance? If you want to sell something custom we need to see it!

Why are you selling it or why did you build it?

27.5 plus

I started this almost a year ago thinking I would keep it. I later saw pictures of Jogi’s 26 monster, now I have already started to collect parts to build one like that just lighter. Wife thinks I need to sell a few to fund the next one. I am fine with keeping this one if it can’t bring enough money to cover the parts cost. It rides well, rolls well, bounces well. I just like the Triton fork better than what I can make and I like more floatation

I think if you actually want to sell this thing you will need to “sell” it. Just posting a vague description is not gonna do it. Nobody is going to just buy a homegrown uni without a good description of the parts and process.

meh, I think it’s a pretty appealing wheel. I just would like to know if it’s a standard bearing spacing (100 or 125), bearing size (42x22x12?) and the size of the seatpost, that way if any one part ever needed to be replaced, you’d know you could replace it with a standard part rather than re-machining a new custom hub for instance, which some people don’t have access to. It’s a beautiful wheel though. Most of the “process” of making something custom like this is pretty obvious. The frame was welded together, the hub was machined, and the wheel was built. I’m not sure how much more you’d want than that.

He didn’t even mention that it was a custom frame! meh? If his experience is based off of building automotive or aviation parts in a machine shop that’s great. If his experience is making door knobs and zipper pulls, then maybe I don’t want the first frame or hub he has made. It does matter.

A price and location would be useful for potential buyers to know.

Although from reading post #7, Mrs Bronco appears to be selling this one.
So maybe this is a covert effort to keep the uni.

27.5 plus

No longer available. Keeping it anyway ! The youngster likes it too.

2017-01-29 18.15.03.jpg

That’s great!
Now you should present it in the “General discussion” part of the forum, we all love to hear about home made things, and you have good skills!

27.5 plus

Thanks, will do… mechanic/welder by trade unicyclist by hoby.

I’d like to see a side pic that shows the circumference of the disk brake

From what I can the see the rotor looks like it’s a 160mm (diameter).

27.5 plus

140 rotor. Lightest /cheapest thing I can find. I have used this rotor several times in the past, generally a rear position or on this case muni. 64 grams or something like that