27.5 MUni parts

I have my 27.5 Nimbus muni set up with free hub and I am going to switch it out to a 24 inch free hub so I will no longer need the 27.5 parts.

I am still using this as is until the frame I am going to buy comes in stock but I figured I would go ahead and post it up for sale in case someone wants it.

You will need spokes And pedals to make it a complete unicycle

The cranks, free hub and brake pictured are not included but the original Cro-mo non-disc Nimbus hub and 125 mm sun cranks are included

I took close up of the worst wear spots. it has been used for about a year riding muni

I am in the USA zip 28110
$175. Will ship on your dime

Here is the hub & cranks included. If you want to provide your own disc hub to take advantage of the disc compatible frame I can adjust the price accordingly

Couple of questions.

  1. Shipping to Sydney NSW Aus? (Postcode 2121)
  2. Could the spokes be reused? (I would think so?)
  3. The Nimbus hub, is that ISIS?
  4. Would the brake underseat mount be included?
  5. What is the tire width, out of curiosity?
    Thanks :slight_smile:

i would have to box it up and take it to a fed ex location to get an estimate (unless you know a better way to handle it)

the spokes can be included but just know that they have been re-used once already and new nipples are probably a must if you want to use them again. they are the correct length for the hub included though.

yes the hub is ISIS.

no brake components are included

the tire width is 2.8"

To find out shipping cost, figure out the smallest box size (HxDxW) it fits into and then the total boxed weight. Find the company to ship with and punch this info into their postage calculator along with destination.

If course, if you find someone who would locally pick up from you, that would save you that effort :slight_smile:

I’m interested if still available and would need to ship it to France

Ok, Let me see how small i can package it up and estimate the weight so i can provide shipping costs

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Where about in the US are you?

i am in charlotte NC

I thought 28110 rang a bell, and then I remembered! My inlaws are in 28027 and we talked about riding together… then 2020 hit us with Covid and all sorts of fun stuff and we haven’t visited the family at all and probably won’t until spring.
If no one wants this 27.5 or if shipping abroad makes it too complicated/expensive, I’d be interested in a local pickup next time we’re around and we finally get together for a ride!

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Any update ?

Any news please ?

Is this still available and to be shipped to Indiana?

Sorry guys I’ve been very busy the past couple weeks. I am going to disassemble the uni this week and box it up. once that is done I will send the shipping quotes in the order of original interest in this thread


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Ok sounds good

Australia & France are $400+ :smile: i cannot figure out how to get an accurate quote thru FedEx internationally so if you guys want to see what you can come up with the box is 24"x25"x6" and weighs 15lbs

Terry, Indiana is $30 and if it is less then that i will refund the difference

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Cheers. Crazy international shipping quote!

Ok if anyone ahead decides they don’t want it I’ll definitely take it.

And pickup when I’m in town is free. :smile:
But it won’t be before 2021 spring. I’d be super interested though!

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Ok, stay tuned. If @bouin-bouin does not take it then it looks like @pierrox may