27.5" muni / off road tyre recommendations

Hi Folks,

Currently riding the Duro Crux - came on the Nimbus Oracle. Seems pretty good so far, but thinking it might be a little too much tyre for what I need. I mainly ride off-road trails and forests (roots, rocks and small drops), but nothing too technical.

Read quite a few good things about the Surly Dirt Wizard (bit pricey though!) and the WTB Ranger.

So just wondered, what’s your rubber of choice?

Unless you are riding muddy, slippery slopes, just get a lightweight tyre with knobs. The exact kind doesn’t really matter in my experience.

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I’m doing the same, and love the Duro Crux, but was wondering what else is “out there”. I found this article, which seems to be a good overview of what was available in 2017, and is separated into three categories: Aggressive, All-Round, Fast-Rolling.

While the list may not be the most current, it seems to be a good list (with descriptions and details) to give you ideas of which direction(s) you may wish to go.



I’ve used the Onza Canis as a Cross Country tire with 27.5x2.85" dimensions.
Runs really smooth and is available in skinwall too :wink:

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