27.5 advice

I’ve been riding a QU-AX 24 muni with Duro tyre for several years now (and a Nimbus Dragon 20), it’s been great, super solid. I am now looking into acquiring a larger and lighter uni, mostly for semi technical trails with moderate hills.

I’ve been looking at the Nimbus Oracle 27.5 and the QU-AX Qaxle 27.5 (with brake). I considered the KH, but theoutboard brake on the put me off.

I was looking for some advice as to which might be the Better option, the QX seems to be lighter, and have a more durable looking seatpost, the Nimbus looks like the saddle attachment could be a weakness?

Also, how do plastic pedals fare compared to metal, my current unis both have metal, whereas all the 27.5 I’ve looked at seem to come with p,astic.

Is there much riding difference going from a 24 to a 27.5?

These are the two I’m looking at:


One things to consider: The QX has their Q-Axle system so your only choice of cranks will be what QX offers (as far as I heard they are strong too).

The Nimbus has a 3" wide tire, the QX 2.5", that’s something I would consider, it definetely has an impact on how your unicycle feels.

Honestly, both are super solid unicycles, and as with any unicycle, if you already have a preferred crank length and seat, I recommend asking UDC to change it out. I personally find 150mm cranks too long for any unicycle, it feels like riding a tractor and limits my maximum speed.

I haven’t personally used plastic pedals for muni, but people have said that the grip is similar to basic metal pedals if you leave the studs in.

I’d definetely change the cranks on the Nimbus to shorter ones (and probably something with dual holes), and upgrade the seatpost (if you aren’t doing bigger jumps thats probably not necessary). The QX comes with both those things, which would even the price difference to I guess just about zero.

Some great advice by finnspin.

I have used plastic pedals and have found them good. I see both the unicycles you are looking at have the metal studs which really help keep your grip when your shoes get wet. They also take skin off shins well. Having said that I have found them great and haven’t had that issue yet.

Don’t rule out Mad4One either. =) I have had a 27.5 Muni from Mad4One since the begining of the year and have been very happy with my purchase.

There’s also a Plus version of the QX with a wider rim and a 2.8" tire. (Thats as wide as your 3" Duro on your 24" 'cause the duro meassures only 2.8" in real.) But I can’t find it on UDC UK.

Hi Captain Echo
I’ve got a 24 muni and a 26+ Muni (not a 27.5). There is already a noticeable difference on how they ride despite both being quite close in wheel size. The 24 is slower but it is much easier to keep under control when trying to do downhill/technical stuff (people do amazing stuff on 26er/27.5er but, unlike me, they are really good riders!). I would guess the 27.5 should be very fast and therefore feel very different from the 24.

I wouldn’t be put off by the outboard disc brake set up with the KH. It works great and it doesn’t interfere with normal riding at all (unless you are planning to do flatland/trials tricks that involves landing on the cranks etc but I guess that is unlikely on a 27.5). The spirit dual hole cranks are really handy and I find their Q factor very good to avoid bashing your ankles against the cranks when your feet are not quite well positioned on the pedals…

In my opinion the plastic pedals with metal pins are great: very good grip.

All Brands you list are great so you will be happy with any of them.

Oh, right, I forgot about that one. I pesonally would choose the less wide tire any day, but that’s just my own preference.

To answer the question on riding feel between 24" and 27.5": it’s a world of a difference. I prefer the 26" over 27.5", but I’d say both are all around better than a 24" for any kind of Muni riding, except maybe super techy trials like riding. With the bigger wheels you can roll over more stuff, which will allow much smoother line choices.

I love my Oracle 27.5. I did not like the curved gel seat so I flattened it and added a handlebar. It’s a very good uni and the Kenda 27.5x3.0 tire is great

Thanks for all the information! I’m considering the KH again now as I would put a Fusion One saddle on whichever one I get, so seems like it might be more cost effective to go with the KH. Does the outboard brake cause any problems I. Practice?