27.2mm seatpost x 200'ish

Looking for a seat post for my KH 36, doesn’t need to be the new pivoting one, although that would be preferred :slight_smile: Only needs to be 8 or 9 inches long (200 or 225 mm).

If you have an extra laying around let me know…


I have a kh non pivoting one that came with my Christmas uni. Never been used. I need a 25.4 for the coker that I’m buying from coyote29er tomorrow. I would love to trade if you have a spare one.

I have a KH with the brake post welded on. I’ll measure it tomorrow, but if it is the right length you can have it for the cost of shipping. Also, the brake lever post may limit how far down you can put the saddle.

Sort of like this one, but it has the bead blasted matte finish, and the Kris Holm logo:

Yeah, I do. Wow, never thought this would work out locally :stuck_out_tongue:

any idea what length you need? I’m free all weekend so can travel around to meet up no problem.


I was going to send you a pm but for some reason I can’t figure it out right now. I have a smaller window of time tomorrow but am free Sunday. PM me your phone number and I will call tomorrow before noon. I don’t know how long a post I need. I just know the 6" post on coyote29er’s coker made me use muscles I haven’t used unicycling before.


Thanks, Sillycontraption, jtrops for your help (and offers)… It’s been handled.