26x3 Gazzaloddi

Just what the titles says. I know they are virtually impossible to come by, but I am in need of two Gazzaloddi’s for a couple different projects I’m working on. If available please let me know.


And I certainly don’t need them both from the same person. If anyone has just one that would help alot.


do you need them for a unicycle projekt?

My Friends at the cycle shop down the road from My work have two N.O.S
26 X 3 Gazz for Sell.
Only one thing at in Taupo New Zealand.
Mark can help e-mail is: info@topgearcycles.co.nz
all the Best.


I sent him an email this morning, hopefully he’ll get back to me sometime today.

Old ad, but you can give it a shot.


I got a hold of Mark and they are on the way to the states! Thanks for the heads up!!

anybody elce have one?

Thats All Ok. Have Fun riding on them. :slight_smile: