26inch MUni for sale

all those spare parts (except for the seat adapter) that i was selling awile ago have been built up into a nice 26" MUni with air seat.

sun dbl.wide rim

new Kenda 2.6 tire

Profile frame

new Suzie hub and wheelsmith spokes.

DH tube

Reeder handle

GB4 plate


anyone interested?

all for $200

I’m interested. Could you email a few pics?


Ed Hansen

Definitely post or send a pic; either PM or dekoekkoeks5 at msn dot com.

Want to trade part for a 20" Stealth? We ended up with an extra over the holidays.

i dont have a digi cam,but DudleyDoRide said he can bring over a camera tommorow.its all in good shape though,ive stated before that frame was modified to fit a 24x3 but still stong and instead of spending another 25 buck on cranks to get it built,i took the spider off some b_ike cranks i had laying around.other than those things its pretty much how you would imagine it with the part list i gave.

the wheel itself is all new including the 40mm bearings.the rim was hardley used.

UniBrier,how much trade value you put on the stealth?im interested.

Re: 26inch MUni for sale

Wasn’t there some concern about lack of competition in the unicycle
selling business? Kudos to Jagur who seems to be working towards
starting another outlet.

Just poking some fun, Jagur.

Klaas Bil

Mel Blanc (the voice of Bugs Bunny) was allergic to carrots.

Re: Re: 26inch MUni for sale

seems that way doesnt it :slight_smile: im not making any money at it though,all i keep doing is making one unicycle carcass after the other :frowning: i think with this new “top secret” uni im making that i will finaly have figured it all out.maybe?