26in rim

I searched a bit. I might be building up a 26in muni/xc/ street/ trials uni so I am going to need a really strong rim. My guess was an alex off ucd, but I wanted to know if there was anything wider/stronger. I don’t want any drilled rims. How about the koxx 26inch rims anybody know how they are?

Thanks for those of you who help.

Take a look at this: http://www.einradladen.net/shop/show_product.php/products_id/672

I know I saw that and it look like just what I need only I am in America and shipping will be an arm and leg. So yeah anything I can get in America would be great maybe Canada.

Thanks a bunch though.

Hey I did want to order other stuff from muni-cycle so other than their shipping cost would there be anything else such as customs and extra charges? If I make a big order from there it wouldn’t be soo painful.

here’s an Alex DX32 on aebike in 26in.

Thanks that is what I have been planning on using if nothing else.

that nimbus rim might be coming stateside. just have to wait till UDC updates their site.

edit:I have the koxx 26" drilled. It’s a pretty decent rim, nice and wide. Could always go for a Large Marge, too.

That would be awesome. Also I am on a budget of like 450$ I want a cf base, but could get that later so nothing super expensive that is why I choose the tried true and great nimbus 2 frame.

I don’t think a nimbus 2 frame fits a marge besides that is expensive and I
don’t know of any trials/street tires that would work with something that

EDIT God dam ucd takes a long time to do anything… I have had good service, but still…

yea I know, I’m hoping they will update their nimbus trials to ISIS.

Seriously I want a kh hub or that one and I kind of need it for my street uni. Also they will not give me the fuc$in’ dimensions of the kh hub so I can get spokes.

udc uk has a spoke calculator I believe.

I am using a ody bmx 7k-a rim not one off ucd or the like thanks though.

ask Evan or Spencer as they use those rims I believe

Yeah maybe. I know even uses a primo since it is the lightest rim I know of about 15oz. I don’t need them right now I can’t order then for a bit, but still it has been 4days how hard it is to call me/email the dimensions.

It’s on UDC UK right now. They might bring it over for you to UDC US if you ask so you don’t have to pay duty fees, like you would otherwise, MDC too.

I will have to give them an email asking about that.

Thanks for that post it is very helpful. Anybody know how strong the Alex is? I plan on doing drops at least 4ft-5ft maybe bigger, but that is all I can do for now with confidence.


Just make sure the rim is properly tensioned and check it regularly, esp. when it’s new, just like everyone should do on every rim.

Most rims are damaged by poor spoke maintinence and/or bad landing tecknique (so roll out) - paraphrasing KH. Also alternate which foot is forward while hoping and on landings

on a 24" alex rim, it has held up great for me. 150 pounds, and i have done close to a 6ft drop with lower pressure and a higher seat than i would have prefered and nothing bad happened. i also keep my wheel true and tight which definately helps.

i know when i land backwards footing i land way harder than i usually do. if i were to do a big drop with backwards footing i would be morelikely to mess something up than after repeated drops with correct footing. with correct footing i can drop my body so get the softest landing possible.

Unless you did lots of smaller drops focusing on a smooth landing untill you could do it equally well both sides.