26in request

anybody got any good video of some 26 inch muni, perhaps mixed in with a bit of trials?

I’m really curious as to how a 26 can hold up to a 24 in maneuverability.

anybody ever wheelwalk one that big?

Mike Parenteau uses a 26

Skip to 1:20


Not really for maneuverability but cool anyway:


Sorry for no trials:o

pretty sure the guy filming is riding a 26, and the others are 24s

People wheel walk cokers. Not easy to learn on larger wheels, but also not much harder to do once you’ve learned on a smaller wheel.

I think I may have ridden a 26" MUni at my last club meeting. It had a narrower/lighter tire and rim combo than my 24" so it actually handled just about the same. My rolling hop seemed just as good, but I’d stay with a bigger tire for rocky terrain.

With only an inch difference in radius tire choices make a difference in bridging or widening the gap in those wheel sizes.

I suppose I have seen someone wheel walk a coker : P

I had this grand vision that I would be able to ride the rough stuff, and then do tricks on the trail when you hit a flat section, maybe blend some styles together.

My other thought is that i don’t have anything to do tricks on, and I think it’d be awesome to crabwalk a big wheel. I’m sure it’s a little harder, but I was hoping to see someone else do it first : P

nobody did 7 clubs 10 years ago, but now that people know it’s possible and have seen it, a lot of people actually know how now. Maybe that was my mentality.

I’m probably going to go with a 24, but I really like the look and feel of a large wheel. I’m afraid I won’t be able to ride everything on a 26

Trials on a 26er? Cedric Vincent comes to mind…



THAT’S what I was looking for, thank you! : )

Interesting, that video didn’t contain much MUni and essentially zero trials. I only mention that because while it does show maneuverability it doesn’t demonstrate control on uneven terrain or functionality in static gaps and hops on jagged edges. The attributes of what works on street and what works on rocky terrain are different.

Still I think you’d probably like a large wheel given your fondness of the 36". Though don’t forget that because it can be done on a 26" doesn’t guaranty that it can be easily learned on a 26".

Here is another of Cedric’s videos:

yes that’s me on the 26" on my youtube account there are some more vids with the 26" er (snowturtle, turtle and me, failed drops,…)

true, it wasn’t specifically what I asked for : P but it did let me see what I wanted to see. . . That you can pull some crazy stuff off on a 26, and you can pull off a significant hop. Granted, the one I’m looking at is the Nimbus that’s a few pounds heavier than the KH, which probably makes a rather large difference.

I think the real test is when I go up and test them out at the store. I’ve been debating for a month now on which size to go with, but until I ride them, I won’t know.

I really just want a great all around uni that I can ride trails on and pull some tricks off on. Unfortunately I have a great desire for even a little extra speed. As cheesy as it sounds, I like the look of a 26 better as well.

So go ahead and get a (KH)26. I think you will like it. But make sure you get the newer frame so you have the option for fat tires.

That Cedric Vincent stuff is ridiculously cool - haven’t seen that before. Superb riding.