26in muni

I am looking for a 26 MUni. needs to be isis, and needs to be less than 250 usd with shipping.

I have a brand new 26" KH wheel with 2.5" tire (ISIS Hub). I am willing to sell it for $175; or I can throw in a Nimbus frame (29", but works fine), for $200. You will still need cranks, pedals, and seat.

  • Jim in California

can you put some pics up


I’ve got a used 26" “FrankenMUni” that I might be willing to sell (or part out). Still in pretty good shape as I’ve mainly been using my KH24 GUni:

Orange Nimbus 26" Frame (only year and a half old)
26x3" Nokian Gazzoloddi Tire (a bit used, but plenty of life left)
ALEX32 26" Rim
Nimbus ISIS cranks (150mm)
DX Muni Pedals (a couple pins missing)

I imagine you’ll probably want a new seat post and saddle as this is a more personal item (as are the pedals), I can throw in what I have, my old one if you’re interested.

$225 including shipping (OBO)

is that for a complete unicycle?

Yes. Not the best picture, but it’s the orange one at the left of center:

The saddle is an old KH Fusion that I cut a channel down the center of the foam (for a bit of relief if you know what I mean, much like what the newer KH saddles do).

I just didn’t know if you’d be interested in the old saddle and pedals but I’d include them anyhow.

were is huntsville?

Northern Alabama, about 3 1/2 hours away from you (knoxville):

Let me see if I have the cash…