26er to 28er--is it worth it while waiting for Coker Heaven?

Here’s a question thats been bouncing around my mind for a day or two…

Has anyone ever gone from a 26 uni to a 28er or 29er and noticed a big difference?

I ask because I am FINALLY getting the hang of my 26er, and for the past few days I’ve gone for some long rides on the west side bike path, discovering how much I like distance riding. But, I’m still huffing and puffing as I build my stanima up in preperation for the LBI Unithon, whose 19 mile length does seem daunting.

My ultimate goal is to get a proper coker, but, because my finances don’t allow that now, I am thinking of a short-term interim uni to hold me over till I can afford one.

I was thinking of getting that Sun 28er :frowning: for that reason, as a temp, and yet I wonder if the experience won’t be much different from riding my current 26er, which I love dearly, but I’m not sure if she is the uni for any serious long distance rides.

Is it worth it to get a cheap 28er while waiting for that big giant Coker in the sky, or is it better to continue huffing and puffing on a 26er while waiting for that same gigantic, goddess-like coker that I am sure will change my life forever, bringing me eternal happiness as cokers always seem to do…

I await advice from all of you more experienced unicyclers out there (which means just about everyone except me…)

You’re probably better off switching to shorter cranks on your 26" rather than getting a whole new cheapo 28". And maybe upgrading to a better distance tire, if you don’t have a good one on there now; the Schwalbe Big Apple is nice, and there’s a 26" version.

I’ve been waiting a couple of months now for all the parts so my Stockon coker can be built.

Last week I broke down and bought a 28" Sun with 102s from UDC.

I only had a KH 24 MUni, though. Don’t know about modifying your 26".

I like the Sun well enough. No tricks, though. The uni isn’t sufficiently well made to allow even small drops.

Good luck whatever you decide.

Re: 26er to 28er–is it worth it while waiting for Coker Heaven?

I recently bought a 29" Yuni from UDC. Before that, my biggest wheel was 26".

The new 29" has 125mm cranks and a Big Apple tire. I don’t remember what size cranks my 26" has, probably 150’s.

To your question, yes, I noticed a big difference from the 26" to the 29". I think the combination of bigger wheel and shorter cranks makes the big difference. The 26" was a chore to ride any distance. The 29" makes distance riding much easier.

Right now I’m riding a 24" and am planning to upgrade to a 29" soon. In my case it’s a calculated step on my way to a Coker. I want to take the time to develop my riding technique and skills on the 29er before I make that final, big step to a Coker.

Interesting plan. I went from a 24" uni to a Coker. I rode the Coker without any real problems but never felt in total control of it particularly with regard to freemounting (could do it but not with authority) and riding in traffic.

I traded down in size to a 29er which I ride very comfortably and with a feeling of control. I sometimes miss the speed and momentum of the Coker, but overall the ability to maneuver, idle, and freemount easily makes the 29er my unicycle of choice.

Re: 26er to 28er–is it worth it while waiting for Coker Heaven?

If what you REALLY want is a coker, then save up and get a coker. A cheap Sun 28" is going to run you $90, and there’s stuff you might want to upgrade right from the start.

My advice? Save it and put it toward the coker. The stock one will run $329, and you can do quite a bit with it. I got one when I was a relative novice with experience only with a 24. It was challenging but rewarding ride. I don’t think there’s any need to move up a little at a time. You’ll learn all the skills you need for the coker on the coker.

That’s a good question… Reid had a 28 and rode it with 127’s and was usually capable of riding with me on a Coker. He was spinning like hell to keep up, while I rode comfortably. He loved his, but also bought a Coker last week.

I rode his 28 and it has advantage like Raphael said, it’s easier to mount. But nothing feels quite like the Coker. It’s fast, it’s tall and it commands respect. I rarely get clown/circus comments on it. I think it’s kind of intimidating… well as intimidating as you can be on a uni.:smiley:

Dogbowl, e-mail or PM me your address. I need to ship you some stuff.