26er frame with brake mounts, 36er parts

Hey, I know a lot of people have been upgrading their 36ers w/ isis components and isis compatible frames, I’m still using a steel coker wheel, and my frame is pretty beat. So I wanted to see if anyone has components laying around that they would sell. Believe it or not, the frame may be more important than a new wheelset. (If I can’t find one cheaper than 130 shipped, I’ll just buy a new coker wheel)
Also, my current 26er muni frame is awesome, but it has no break mounts, so I wanted to see if anyone had a decent 26er frame laying around that they would sell me.

ive got some weld on magura mounts some where in the garage as soon as i find them ill let you know

I’ve got a black Nimbus 26er with mounts that may be for sale. Give me a week or so and send a PM, I’ll get back to you. The frame is really fresh, I’d sell it for 2/3 the cost of new.