26er and 29er Muni Tires For Sale

I got a bunch of tires for sell:

Used 29ers:
WTB Kodiak 2.5 (wire bead)
WTB Diesel 2.5 (wire bead)
WTB Weirwolf 2.55 LT (folding)
WTB Stout 2.3 (wire bead)
Continental Mountain King 2.4 (folding)

Used 26ers:
Maxxis DH Front 2.5 (wire bead)

New 26ers
Intense DH FRO 2.5 (folding)
I have two of these tires that are brand new, sweet tire, no longer made, stored indoors, still in the packaging, super tacky rubber, same tread pattern as the 3" DH, two ply tread.

I’d prefer to sell more than one tire to minimize shipping costs, so if you wanna make a group purchase deal, let’s talk!

Sorry, but due to cross border fees, I am not selling anything to Canada.

PM with questions and details. If you need pics, use the web.

PM sent

PM sent

Sorry, made a boo boo, must have been tired :roll_eyes:

The WTB “Diesel” is actually called the Dissent DH 2.5

The Dissent is a true DH styled tires, heavy tread, consistent knobby pattern on edges, so if you like the Intense DH, then this is similar. Sidewall is 1.5 ply, so more supple than a DH tire, but way firmer than a typical 29er tire. This is one of Josh’s favorite tires.

The Kodiak shares the Dissent casing, but the knobbies have a more broken spacing, sorta freeride style, total tread width is wider. I believe the Kodiak is the widest 29er tire made.

The Stout and Weirwolf 2.55 seem to have a simiar casing, single ply, though the Weirwolf 2.55 is wider. I likened the ride of the Weirwolf to an Exiwolf-RR hybrid. Nice tire for drier and firmer conditions.