26" x 3" Nimbus “Zombie Hunter” MUNI For sale, like new.

26” black Nimbus “Zombie Hunter” Muni about a year old that I built from new components so I’d get exactly what I wanted. . . . . Turns out that this unicycle has only racked up about 50 easy trail miles on it because I found that I like the speed and agility of my 29er better when I ride off road. Now I have a Surly project going that I need funds for. . . . . .

Here are the specs:

  • 2008 Nimbus black frame with 42mm bearing housings and brake mounts. Frame and entire unicycle is very close to free of scratches or other signs of use. I also peeled off the many/ugly Nimbus/UDC stickers/badges and installed a Zombie Hunting permit on the frame neck (Sorry, but the permit expires in December 2009) With Nimbus two bolt seat post clamp
  • 2008 KH ISIS hub (blue) and 150mm single hole moments
  • Alex DX32 36 hole rim
  • Sapim single butted stainless spokes and nipples built in a 4 cross pattern built up by yours truly at the Unicycle Basatards armory
  • Duro Wildlife 26 x 3.0 tire and thick DH tube
  • Red 2008 KH Fusion Freeride saddle (this is from an older unicycle and is the only part of this unicycle that shows any wear. I also just replaced the lift handle as this unicycle used to sport a Black Cock handlebar with a modified lift handle.)
  • KH seat post left long for 6’ plus height riders
  • KH rail adaptor
  • Modified Magura HS11 brakes, stock nylon brake tubing and 10" crossover tube with black alloy HS22 lever that has the red TPA knob on it and black brake pads. Wheel cylinders have some cosmetic color loss from their previous life on a bike.
  • Black powder coated Maggie brake mounts that match the frame and stainless steel hardware
  • Yes, the Zombie Hunter sticker (as well as the reflective sticker tape) can be removed if you aren’t really into slaughtering the undead while riding, which is practically a family night passtime here in Portland. And if you ARE into this sort of thing, you might like: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ItQimn5HWmA
  • Sorry, no pedals included

Not sure what this is worth, but I’m open to serious offers. No, not willing to part it out, except I would remove the brakes and brake mounts and knock off $50 if the buyer doesn’t need/want brakes. I pack for free, but buyer pays actual shipping and I take PayPal or money order.


The sticker rocks! So does the uni, but I’m not in the market.

I’d probably be all over this if I had cash at the moment :frowning:

Good luck with your sale

pm sent

sending pm

Sold, p.r.o.f

Thanks for all the offers.
The Zombie Hunter is sold pending receipt of funds. . . . (to someone that appears to know even more about zombies than I do) I’ll know for sure about the status of the sale on Friday.