26 x 3 Gazzaloddi tire (new)

I am selling a new 26x3 Gazzaloddi tires that I acquired. It does not appear to have ever been mounted and was definitely never ridden on.

I am asking $130 + shipping or best offer. I’m not really sure what this thing should cost as no one has them for sale anymore. My price is based off of what Bedford is charging for a new Gazz 24x3. If I am asking too much, then give me a low ball offer. If you have been waiting to get your hands on a 26x3 for a while now and you are willing to give me more, then (by all means) feel free to make me a better offer.


Unless that is New Zealand dollars it might be a bit much. 24" and 26" tires usually sell for the same price.

Bedfords prices are in CAD. So $100 CAD or $80 USD would seem fair. Still a lot for a tire but since they are awesome and discontinued this might be worth grabbing.

hate to say it i just bought a pair in victoria bc for 60 a piece brand new (new old stock )

Good point on the CAD->USD conversion resulting in a lower USD price. I totally missed that.

Anyway, no one should be scared away by my price I threw out. As I said, I have no idea what these go for, so i just started somewhere. Make a lower offer if you want.


sorry to be off topic but are you from Victoria or Edmonton?

Yah sometimes you can find them cheep for all the reasons they were discontinued, mostly because they were too big for many bikes and people moved to lighter tires with the advancement of bike forks and suspension. It is pretty much snowbikers and unicyclists that want them now.

edmonton i lived in victoria for 25 yrs so i have connections

Two Gazz 26 x 3.0 tires I sold on E-bay this last year had been mounted and ridden on a unicycle, but still had the nurdle-needles on them and were like new. Both went for between $20-$30 each

sounds right for used my rule of thumb is once something has hit the road i take off 40 - 50% especially since most bike shops keystone or at least a 1.5 mark up

Yeah I just bought one on pinkbike for 20 thats in great condition.

nooner, check your PM’s.