26" X 2.5" Hookworm

I mounted a 26 x 2.5 hookworm on my 26 today. I have never ridden a hookworm before and really didn’t know what to expect but I was looking for a big fat 26" slick to buzz around on.
The Hookworm fits the bill. The 2.5 marking is just about right, it measured just a fuzz under. It is one very smooth rolling tire and my first impression is a very good one.
I’ve been riding a 26" Fireball on this cycle and that is also a great tire for buzzing around on. When mounted on an Alex DX32 rim, the Fireball measures nearly 2-3/8" wide. As mentioned, the Hookworm is just a hair under 2.5 wide and is about 27-1/2 " tall.
I’m running 150mm cranks, a nice combination for the way I use this cycle. I’m looking forward to putting more time into this set-up, but so far, really good!


I have the 24"x2.5 Hookworm on my Semcycle that I use in the gym. I was running with an IRC Metro but it was very slippery on the gym floor so John Drummond suggested the Hookworm and I’m thrilled with the tire’s performance. Now I can do spins and pirouettes without the tire sliding out from under me. What a great tire!


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