26" Vs 29" - decision made!


For those that like to hear the end of a story - I started a thread a couple of weeks ago, asking about the relative merits of 26" and 29" unis. I concluded that for my purposes a 26" would be best.

After wasting Roger@UDC’s time for a while, trying to put together a bitsa based on a KH29" frame, I’ve bought a Nimbus 26". In the time it takes me to wear it out, Kris Holm will come to his senses and produce a stock 26"…

Hopefully, it will be here before the weekend.


A KH 29er frame fits a 26" Muni wheel quite nicely.

Yeah, that’s what we were looking to do initially, but by the time I’d bought a splined hub and all the gizmos, it was looking like an unrealistic amount of money. It forced me to look at the proposition again and think; “who am I kidding?”.

The Nimbus will certainly do everything I want it to do for some time to come. Plus I get to spend the difference on other toys…


43 year old bloke from England buys KH Muni from Roger this week. Where have I heard that before? It’s like deja vu all over again. :sunglasses:

Why a 26"? In other words, a 3" tire on a 24" rim is about 26" in diameter. Did you want a 26x3" tire? Those can be cool, but generally are really heavy. I guess you could build it stronger than the average 700c (29") wheel though.