26"tube in a 36er

Anyone riding a 26" tube in a 36er? After putting 70 holes in a 29" tube trying to get it on I only had a 26" tubes laying around so I decided why not? It is installed on the rim and cranked to 45psi. if it is still at 45 psi tomorrow morning I will take it down to 32psi and ride it on my commute. If not I will either panic and try to change the tube back to the regular 36’ tube or ride my 26" on the commute. How much is a 26" different from a 29" tube anyways?

I dont think ther much smaller, Im running a 26" on my 29er and it goes on no problem.

And you can probably get some super heavy duty Downhill mountainbike tubes too.

its just a regular 2.125 X 26

Ugg, lost all pressure by morning. Bought another 29 tube, we’ll see how this one goes.

cool I’ll try with you. have you been using a specific tutorial?

what I found worked is to stretch the tube for a few hours, slowly pump it up to a diameter of about 48" by pumping a little every half hour or so then deflate it so it has a diameter of 36" an put it in the tire. Then start putting the tire casing back on the rim making sure the tube is out of the way. I have a qu-ax rim and a TA tire so its really tight so I have to use dish soap to get it on the last bit. once its on then pinch all around the tire and bounce it on the ground to make sure its not pinching anywhere. god speed.

Y’all are crazy. 29" on a 36" wheel is stretching things enough!

No need to use such language. I bought another 29 tube and installed it successfully. No one is disobeying the laws of physics today. Maybe next time.

so how does it feel? I am pumped to try it now that I read an old ranting post from Nathan about how much of a diff this makes.

I put a 24" tube in a 29"

nice isaac… the big problem is that the 36er tube for some reason is like an anaconda. I don’t know why it needs to be made of that much rubber.

Edit: the 29er didnt sell?

I did actually, I traded it. But it was awesome when I did have it, thanks Levi.:slight_smile:

np man, what do you have now?

2 KH unis. :stuck_out_tongue:

the 36" is actually a very well built tube, I was very impressed with it when I was removing it. The 29 tube is working well, I hope it lasts! I slowly pumped it to 45 psi and let it sit for a couple hours, now its back to 32 and should be fine.