26" Torker LX Vs. KH24

Ok, here’s the deal.

I do trials and street on a KH20, my brother does trials and muni both on a KH24. When ride we ride together, doing trials we are fine but when we do MUni/cross-country riding I have to pedal my legs off. So, I’m tired of the hamster-wheel syndrome. (for the same rate of travel the RPM of a KH20 is 33% greater then the RPM of a KH24)

Will a Torker LX 26" unicycle with 5 inch cranks (30% less torque on the hub compared to 7" cranks) be comparable and adequate for light duty Muni, no drops and regular hopping/pecking? There’s no way I can buy a KH or equivalent MUni. Would I just be wasting my money on a cheap unicycle or do you think it would be a good option?

How wide a tire does the 06 LX frame take? How easy would it be to taco the 26" rim? What is the actual exterior diameter of a 26x2.4 tire? (a 26/2.25 is about the same as a 24x3.0.)

Or… Would shorter cranks (127’s) on my KH20 06 be a viable option for more speed, (I have 145’s now) I have the leg power necessary.

I realize those are alot of questions which can’t be answered with 100% certainly, but any help would be great. :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t bother trying to make the 20" faster with shorter cranks; it still won’t be great for MUni.

The Torker LX is a decent uni for the price, but if you’re specifically looking to do MUni, I’d probably recommend going up to the DX with the splined crankset. ($259). But if you don’t do a lot of drops, the LX will probably be OK for a long while, especially if you add tension to the wheel when you first get it.

no, dont get an lx just for muni and other crap, your just gonna have to save up the money for a better real Muni. I also do trials and muni on my KH24. i would say dave up and get a good muni, like the KH, onza, qu-ax, or an 06 dx.

Just get somthing descent.

That would be the best thing to do, but it’s not an option for me. :slight_smile:

why is it not an option? cant you just save up and live with your trials untill you have the money? Just put out a little money every payday for you Muni, when you have enouph get the muni!

if you were planning on getting a torker lx 26", those are like what $100-$120?
A torker dx is going for $250 and less right now. And those torker dx’s are $400!

Technical MUni on a 20" is doable for me, cross country is the problem. I have the money but I can’t justify buying another splined uni at this point, I can only ride one at a time and the DX only comes in 20 and 24, there’s no 26.

Eventually, if i get into crosscountry more I would like to get a KH29. If I already had a nice MUni and trials that would be out of the question.

Like I said: That would be the best thing to do, but it’s not an option for me. :slight_smile:

I see no reason why the LX couldn’t be a decent light-duti MUni. Definitely more for cross country, than hard-core, but I’ve seen lots of people push the limits on cheaper equipment. If you ever upgrade, the LX is a good around-town or loaner uni.

My thoughts exactly.

So far it’s 1 for 2 against. More input the better, thanks.

why the lx? it has a skinny tire, and will not do good for rock,sand, mud, or anything. isn’t there any other option?

Not for 90 bucks, that I know of (Maybe a used DX24 05?). I’d put a wider tire on the LX, if one would fit. A 2.25 should be fine, but wider would be nicer.

Otherwise I’ll just stick to Trials and Technical MUni on my KH20, and continue to fight the hamster-wheel syndrome at higher speeds.

why dont you just seel your trilas and buy a muni and do as your brother does…i would buy it:). but seriously just get a muni and then you can keep up with your bro and still ride trials and street.

It doesn’t work for me. I can’t do serous trials on my brothers MUni, I rode it for 3 months before I got the KH20 and just couldn’t get used to it. He can do better trials on it then I can on my 20" so I know it’s possible, but just not for me.

The LX has a 1.95 tire.

I’m not sure how big a tire would fit in there, but I doubt much over 2.125 or something. I’m sure you can find a tire that works well with it, what with the huge selction of 26" MTB tires.

On my old 24" LX a 2.125 just barely fit into the frame, almost rubbing so there isnt a whole lot of extra room in there. That said, I did quite a bit of what you may call cross country muni on it and it held up fine, as someone has said just make sure you tension the spokes when you first get it and always check to make sure everything is nice and tight.

That’s good to know, thanks.

Does the 06 frame have the same clearence as the older LX’s?

What if you just got shorter cranks, and switched them out when you do technical Muni or trials


I will check later on. If I get around to it I might take pictures for ya…

I hate to keep sounding like a UDC stooge, but perhaps a nimbus is around what you might be looking for as well? With some strong cranks and a udc wide hub, you should be able to abuse it a bit even as well as doing xc riding.

I have no idea what the price difference is, but I’m sure you can get one with a yuni-style frame and a duro wildlife.

good luck!

Thanks for the input but the Nimbus is 220$ USD, that’s out of my price range. I’m looking for a sub 100$ cross country cruiser/lightdudy MUni. The only one I know of is the 26" Torker LX, hence this thread.

forrestunifreak: Thanks, that would be nice if you don’t mind!

Koebwill. Yes that would be a option I’m considering. Does anyone know, would shorter cranks make that much difference in the speed of a 20", how much faster could you spin?

Here are a few pics of the 2006 LX. I have the 26", and as you can tell, I ride offroad a little on it… In Montana a lot of times you HAVE to ride at least on poor dirt/gravel roads, and it works fine for that.

It acctually has more frame clearance than I remembered. I only have a 1.95" on it, and don’t really need anything bigger. However, my dad now has a 2.3 Kenda K-rad on our old old 24" LX. It barely fits. So a not-so knobby 2.3 tire will fit the new LX, but if you get biger knobs on it it might rub the sides.

That said, the Kenda Krad is a great light offroad tire, especially the 2.3 size. I used it for years. I’m pretty sure it would fit, if you do go with the 26" LX I would recomend that combination.

Not much. I don’t notice much speed distance at all, and it would only make hills slightly harder.