26" Tires: 2.50 Intense, 2.60 Ardent, 4.0 Devist8or, 3.8 Larry

The Intense 2.50 is a sticky rubber DH tire, hard edge knobbies, medium volume, great muni tire, stiff sidewalls for low pressure. The tire weighs in about the same as a Gazz Jr. This one is very fresh, stored indoors. These tires are hard to find, I bought three, this is a spare. This tire is no longer in production.
$30 plus shipping/OBO.

The Ardent 2.60 is the wire bead triple compund (3C) version of the classic Ardent, so a beefier side wall, stickier rubber, and a little more heft. If you like the Ardent folding and wish it had a little more umph, this could be the fix. This tire has hardly any use. It is no longer in production, getting kinda scarce, soet it while you can!
$35 plus shipping/OBO.

The Vee Rubber Devist8or, a true 4" tire, not for the faint of heart! Though one of the heavier fat tires at 1800gms, the Devist8or is also the only one with a full kevlar casing that resists rock cuts and abrasion. A great heavy duty DH tire, but also super for low traction settings like snow, sand, and mud. This tire will not fit standard frames, so you need an Oregon, a Conundrum, or a custom fat frame.
$35 plus shipping/OBO

Surly Larry 3.8", wire bead, 27 tpi. This is the original Larry, a great all around tire that came OEM on the Oregon. Mine is used, but has 75% life remaining, weighs in at a svelte 1450gm, so pretty light for a wire bead. This tire will not fit standard frames, so you need an Oregon, a Conundrum, or a custom fat frame.
$45 plus shipping/OBO

The Intense 2.50 and the Deivst8or 4.0 are folding, so they’ll pack small.
The Ardent 2.6 and Larry 3.8 are wire bead, so they pack big.

I’ll include a free Surly Toob with the first “full price” fatty tire purchased :slight_smile:

Here are some pics (picture quality is kinda poor, not sure what happened, photobucket is getting kinda wierd…):

OMFG, would someone just buy these tires!!

You can make me an offer or better yet make me a trade:

What I could use:

Moment 150, 150/125
Venture II 150
Nimbus seat (use for building up a carbon seat base)
Old KH Freeride or Street (use for building up a carbon seat base)
Maxxis Ardent 26 x 2.4 folding (use for building frankentire)

I decided the keep the Devist8or, otherwise the other three tires are for sale.

You have too much fun with the Devist8or to part from it :stuck_out_tongue:

Would $50 including shipping to 02476 for the Larry possible ? Or is the wire bead increase too much the shipping cost compared to a foldable ?

Shipping is expensive on the big tires because they don’t fold small, more so with the wire bead.