26" Surly Conundrum Frame.

I am quite interested in building up a winter commuting unicycle, and after riding the surly pugsley bicycle, im pretty sure i want the Surly Coundrum Frame.

I am looking for the 26" Surly Conundrum Frame

really only want the frame, so if you are selling the whole unicycle, id have to think about it. otherwise im pretty open to prices, so if you are interested in selling shoot me a message and well discuss. I do have a few components in my possesion, so if you want to trade for something, i might be able to hook you up. just let me know, as i can get a wide range of stuff.


I know Sidd on here has a built 26" conundrum on here for sale/trade. I asked him about complete and frame only, but decided with my small stature and lightweight, that it would be too big for me(I have a Pugs, so I have fat already, and yes they rock!) So I got a 24" for my conundrum. No regrets.
Good luck! I love my Surlys!

I was searching Craigslist and I came across this post for a 26 Conundrum posted in October. I don’t know if it is still out there.

I’m also on the look for this one…