26" surly conundrom

looking for a frame or complete conundrom 26". riding a 24" surly now. just want to faster.

Them Conundrums are getting rare as hens teeth, some guys out in Oregon are hoarding them, at least that’s what I heard :roll_eyes:

Have you considered an Oregon? That’s what I ride now, it replaced my Conundrum, no complaints.

i saw that you sold a conundrum a while back. why did you change?

Yes Ben, we do like our Conundrum hoards out here in Oregon . . .but alas my personal hoard is down to the one 26" that I built up and ride around. You should be able to find one on here if you check back regularly.

I have 2 but I am not ready to get rid of my second, right now, it has my 24" 3.0 wheelset. I may build up the second one as light as I can get it, large marge light rim, tubeless fat tire (possibly Husker Du) Bryce-modified Maggie’s, possibly a carbon fiber seat set-up and handle, nimbus venture 2 cranks and MG-1 pedals. If only I could find a super light hub for it. :smiley:

well let me know when you are ready to give up the 26". I think that will be perfect for our trails here in Montana.

Probably not going to ever let it go… Sorry :slight_smile:

Okay, so here’s what you do:

Contact Homeland Security and tell then that the Oregon Muni Posse is building weapons of mass destruction, then after they raid their homes and seize their unis, you can buy them at govt auction for cheap :smiley:

Another idea in case that one sounds to outlandish :roll_eyes:

Buy a steel Nimbus frame, take it to you welder, have them modify the frame to accomodate a wider frame, then get it repainted :smiley:

Just throwing it out there (I am NOT selling mine) but if you want a fat wheel and a 100mm hub Triton is an option.

They might have some of the original triple mount frames left so you won’t have to wait for it to be made.

MountainUni might have some wide frames in stock, I would check there first, if not I would see what Jogi has across the pond.

if I can’t find the conudrum, the Triton is a good idea. thanks

Option three, just in case the WMD thing didn’t pan out:

Buy an Oregon frame, take it toa welder or frame builder and have then narrow the frame. This is a good option and one I considered because…in April Nimbus is likely to release a disc hub with 100mm spacing. So you’d be disc ready, have a frame wide enough for a Larry, and a lighter hub that the Oregon.

Or you could just get an Oregon :slight_smile: