26 street

I made this a month ago, haven’t released it until today. It was supposed to be for a longer video. But i don’t have time atm so here it is.

The rail was sweeeet. Some good flux riding too :P. Hated the flashes tho man

lol, i was too lazy to change it, it looked better 'till i rendered it, sorry man :smiley:

I really liked that! It was so fast and smooth, and the rails were great!

Yeeeaahh, dope sauce man. Fast-paced, love it.

No more flashes next time, though, please xD

That was a relaxing day with some good unicycling :). But the edit is not advisable for people with epilepsy, lol.

very supper video but be careful

Wow that was really sweet! Looks like you have improvet alot since EUC in january! :smiley: the 9-stair and the rails was really cool! :smiley:

Keep that riding up dude and you will come far! :smiley:

siick, i love videos with 26" unis just so refreshing to watch, the line on the ledges with the 360 down the little set at the end was siick, havent seen anyone using a 26er like that, would love to get into it :slight_smile:

thanks guys =)
in a month or 2 i’ll probably make a longer video