26" Street

WIm upload that awesome 26" street video. I hope that motivate more riders to went into the real big street :smiley:

watch it: 26" street
get it: 26" street.flv

I have to say I disagree with the video description:

There was no big street, and everything done on that uni could have been done with a 20".

That being said I have to say I enjoyed the video. Last rail was long.


:smiley: the big was meant to the wheel size, maybe i should have put it between " "
You should more enjoy stuff and less criticize details :wink:


awesome, liking all this big wheel stuff. Just put in my order for a 24" street uni. this is some good inspiration to get back into it.

nice stuff

You better have put my rim in too! hahaha

this kid has some serious potential. i dont think i would ever change to a bigger wheel, but i do quite enjoy watching it and i feel it has heaps of potential.

goes for almost everyone on these forums (me too). gotta chill more

Someone fight me

That looks like so much fun! I wish I had the cash to get a 26" now :stuck_out_tongue:

nice vid wim :smiley:
some pretty good stuf in the vid :slight_smile: and I love the crankflip :roll_eyes:
ps: don’t forget he just started riding 26" street… (for 2 weeks…) so I think he improves pretty fast :slight_smile: hopefully you will get handrails soon…

Go Belgium :smiley:

im sick of fighting on the forums. n i wouldnt dare fight u in real life, not after seeing u destroy joe (altho in joes defence he was totally smashed)

Very nice, Wim! :smiley: Especially for 2 weeks of 26" riding. Time to grind some handrails ;)!

Me too (except I haven’t joined in).
People are just bickering about stupid stuff. We kinda had a fight like this a while ago, and it came down to You have to ride for fun. Whatever’s fun for you, then that’s cool.
It’s fine to suggest things a person can improve, but it’s stupid to say flat sucks, footplant’s suck, crankgrabs suck, you’re not going big enough, etc. People ride how they like and progress at different rates.
If I make a video, I’m the only one who’s gonna watch it more than a few times anyway. It’s more of something I look back on to see my progress, and something I hope people will comment on and encourage me to keep riding.

This is a nice vid by the way :D. I liked the gap over the ledge and stair set, and the two long grinds.

*sight, can’t we say what we thought about the video? Also there’s a difference between bashing and criticizing. There’s also a difference between taking the criticize, ignoring it and taking it negatively…

It’s me in the video.
Emile, I agree that you said that there was no big street, big street’s yet to come. First I need another rim, cause the KH can’t take high drops.
I disagree the part from 20", i can’t even grind half of the last rail, i think you’ll never get enough speed for that.

nice vid! pretty similar what i did on my last vid (spring turtle, was also just after riding two weeks street with it)

i broke my 26" rim also while riding street…it’s hard to find a strong one. what will you buy?

I don’t know yet, maybe a DMR backline, the same as cedric…

I liked it a lot.

I like the 26’er street :slight_smile: Keep 'em coming !!

thank you :wink: