26" rims?

I just did a search for them and in the topics I could find there wasn’t much discussion on which 26" rims to be using and their ups and downs. I saw that most people are using DX32’s though.

I am going to be buying a wheel soon from Darren Bedford but I want to hear peoples arguments as to why I should get one rim from the other.

The choices I have according to the price guide are the Sun Doublewide, the DX32 or the Monty trials rim.

The DX32 is 80, the doublewide is 110 and the monty is 120.

Currently I am leaning towards the DX32 just because of the price, and I figure if so many people are using it, then it can’t be that bad.
I am also currently on a budget so anything I pay for the rim comes out of pedals and other things.

From what I know the doublewide is much more wide than the DX32, but apart from that I know nothing of these rims. I can understand why a wider rim would be better for trials but I don’t plan on doing much if any sidehops so tire folding isn’t really a big issue.

Any actual information besides I have ridden this rim and I liked it or this one is more wide therefore its better, would be appreciated.

Actualy since I don’t wanna create another thread, I would be interested in knowing about tires if you have any factual information on 26" tires that would help out too, particularly cheaper ones :p.


Wider rims can fit larger tires, or tires at lower PSI without folding.

The 19" and 24" models of the DX32 are fairly strong, so I don’t see why not for a 26", unless the prupose is MUni with huge drops.

I didn’t really think about the whole tire size issue. That is probably another thing I’m going to have to think about. I probably only would want something along the lines of 2.6 or maybe a bit bigger, and since Ottawa really isn’t home to alot of crazy drops and stuff I wouldn’t really be needing anything too huge.

I also figure I should mention I will be putting some pretty short cranks on this in keeping with my trials (137 on the 26 and 110 on the 19), just incase someone is curious.

the alex is pretty standard, i think the doublewide might be a tad stronger, but the alex will be fine, save the money.

The double wide is a monster…Its fairly heavy. Ive never ridden thee monty so im not sure about that one…I would say that you wouldbe just fine with the DX32

I’ve got a 26 with an Alex DX 32 Rim and it’s pretty good, stands up to everything I throw at it.

I would say though if you can get one that the Surly Large Marge is a great rim, I’ve ridden one a few times and it just feels so stable and so much nicer over rough ground than the Alex.

It will depend on the sort of stuff you are riding though, I tend to use a 3" tyre which works well with both of these rims but of the ones you mentioned, I only have experience of the Alex.

Glad to see someone else getting a 26" uni, they are very much an underated choice but I love mine.


Ive got a 26" with an Alex. Its good. If I ever get another rim for it, it will be a Sun Double Wide. Either is good, but for the price and overall goodness, the Alex cant be beat.

going off the 24s, I like the doublewide more than the alex, and the large marge over all of them. The doublewide is alot stable-er than the alex and feels solider.