26" Rim: KH or MTB?

ive been throwing up crazy ideas of a custom made 26" Muni.

is anyone running a Double walled MTB rim on their muni? are there any problems with it? is it a good idea to save a bit of money?

I’m running Surly Large Marge rims on my 24" and 26" munis. The 26" is the XC with the cut-outs. Both are double wall. I’m pretty sure they didn’t save me money but I just can’t go back to the skinnier rims/ smaller tires.

Not many MTB rims are very wide, other than that I can’t see any other reasons not to.

I guess if you are planning to run a narrow XC tire you could use a rim like an Alex DX32 which is around 38mm wide.

Stock trials rims would be a good choice, but most aren’t available in 36 hole. That’s not a deal breaker because a 32 hole rim builds into a 48 hole hub very well. The nice thing about these rims is that you can get many colors, and a lot of them are cheaper than a KH.

If you don’t want to spend the money on a KH rim why not use a Nimbus MUni rim? It uses the same extrusion as the KH rims from '05, and if I remember right it’s 42mm’s wide as compared to the 47mm current KH offerings.

I’m looking into getting a Felt cruiser rim right now. The bike shop should be getting back to me any day now, but it’s 50mm’s wide, and single walled. I think I’ll be o.k. giving up some strength from the box section rim as it’s going to be for longer XC trails, and nothing technical.

what is your goal for the custom 26?

There are lots of good rims out there and there is nothing wrong with the KH if you want a bombproof 47mm 36 spoke wheel. If you tell us which direction you want to go (stronger, lighter, wider, more narrow, just to be different) we could probably give you some suggestions.

One complication of using a rim designed for a mountain bike is that many rims are hard to find in or just aren’t made in a 36 hole drilling. Luckily 32h rims lace up quite nicely to 48h hubs.

no goal, i just want a muni that wont cost as much as a KH, but better than A Nimbus.

the tyre i am planning to run is a Maxxis Swampthing (26" x 2.5")

any of those rims will do me quite nicely :slight_smile:

For similar strength and width to KH (but cheeper and heavier) I would go with an Echo urban rear trials bike rim. I have one built up with a Nimbus hub and it is one bomber wheel.

Are you sure that you need a rim that strong though? I have been using a Speedway 50mm single walled drilled out 32h rim on my 29 and have yet to knock it a single mm out of true. Not suggesting you give Speedway a call as that definitely won’t save you money but the Felt Cruiser rim that jtrops mentioned might be interesting if you don’t need a super strong wheel.

<--------------------- i live in Australia, there arn’t many options for bike, let alone Unicycles.

Rims are super important for a nice ride on a Muni. I learned this the hard way- my first Muni (which was a custom 24" profile/gp frame/mtb rim/Gazz combo sucked becasue the rim was too narrow and the tyre always folded over, or got unseated when it hit a rock at an off camber angle. It was a triple wall SMO dice mtb rim and was a little narrower than the Alex dx rims. If you go too wide (surly IMO is overkill for everything except rock garden tractoring) you will have a sorry time on climbs, or longer more enduro style rides.

What your saying seems to suggest that price, not specific ride characteristics is what will determine your Muni. i would go with a set up something like this if money is an issue.
-kh freeride seat
-nimbus frame and hub(with brake mounts)
-Kh rim/or the nimbus if you want to spend less time truing your wheel
-nimbus venture cranks (moments are kinda overbuilt unless you are doing 10ft drops- i use them becasue of the dual hole option)
-intense dh tyre (if you can get your hands on one- but the duro is nice too.

  • snafu pedals
  • some 2nd hand maguras.

Don’t skimp on a rim- you want it to be strong, quite wide to suit a 3" tyre. if cost is an issue you could do without the drillouts and fancy colours that increase cost and do nothing for performance.


Sounds good, but i already have the seat, post and clamp.
the biggest tyre im looking at is about 2.3 or 2.5, and ill mostly be doing DH rides that wil last maybe, 30 mins?

the only rim i can get in the way of unicycles is the KH 26" from UDC NZ, but at 140NZ (100 AUD) to get it, it just doesn’t seem worth while.

You can get the KH26’’ rim from here to: http://www.municycle.com.au/View.php?action=ProductDetail&Code=KH26rim1a

Also I’d look into bike trials rims, mybe try searching for trials bike shops near were you live or trials websites. This rim looks good, its wide, proberly strong: http://www.tartybikes.co.uk/product.php?product_id=10061&category_id=25 If only it was an Australian site.

Alot of riders used to ride the “Double Wide” rim I think, it’s 47mm wide and it’s an MTB rim. I was thinking about using one for my muni when I’ll get a new wheel but now I’m more leaning to the Large Marge rim. I dont know if you can ride a rim brake on the Double Wide too…

When building up my 26 I did quite a bit of research into rims as the KH26 had not come out yet. My suggestion would be to not go with the Sun double wide as it is only “double wide” on the outside and not on the inside where it matters. Going with an Alex DX32 would be lighter and cheaper for very similar inner dimensions and a smooth brake surface.

Going with something wider like the KH rim or a decreasing number of trials bike rims in the 45-47mm territory will give you better support for a tire run at comparatively low pressures but going much past that to LM territory you start getting a lot of rock dings from the rim not being protected by the bulge of the tire.

I have both a wheel built up with an Alex DX32 and an Echo 46mm rim (now called “urban”. The Alex rim does well with tires in the 2.1 to 2.3 range but even at 2.3 I prefer my wider Echo rim. With a 2.5" tire the difference is fairly noticeable and with a 3" tire the narrower Alex rim just sucks. My 46mm rim is starting to feel narrow then too and that is where I would imagine a LM to shine (Don’t know for sure never tried one)

So yah for 2.3-2.5 I would look at either the KH rim or a wider trials bike rear.

wow, that wasn’t there a few days ago.

the rim im looking at is the halo combat MTB rim, or the da bomb da rim

i know its from england and all, but itsstill cheaper to buy the rim and tyre internationally rather than locally. and if my dad wants to buy some expensive stuff, $450 AUD and we get free postage.

hey joker im from perth and looking at doing the same as you… what i’ve found is trialhive.com which is an online australian trials bike shop, buying an echo rim from them will be abit cheaper than a kh, although postage for you may out weigh the difference.

nice find, but they’re all 32 hole and i need 36 :frowning:

Like we said before 32 is not really a problem. Just lace it up to a 48h hub.

But if you are paying the same between Echo and KH go with the KH for the simple reason that it is lighter and you can probably get it with other uni parts for your build.

I really don’t know what rims are available in Australia but just remember that the inside width of the rim is the important part and you want something over 30mm and preferably closer to 40mm

k, thanks guys :slight_smile:



I want to get the Alexrims DM24 26" 36h…cuz its cheaper than the other 2…
Rim Width 32.2mm, inner wdith 24mm

I will probably want to fit a mtnbike tire, around 26"x 1.95-2.4"

Sheldon Brown’s chart shows i can safely fit 1.5" to 2.125" tires on the rim

Do I need to forget about the narrower rim…and just get at least the Alex DX32 26" 32h, and even better the dominator2 rim?.. :thinking:

Where is Ben Nurse to clarify use of mtb rims, I won’t go into it but I just laced a 35mm mavic 729 36h from chainreaction for my guni. Reason I ditched the kh rim is it would be bad to go tubeless with a cutout rim and I gained a weight loss and maybe stronger rim.
Velocity rims from the US online work out about 100 bucks to get one and mine was fair bit cheaper. Trials rims perhaps also expressive bikes have some 26’’ rims similar to the kh

36h can be a pain to find but there are a fair few ones around when you keep looking. Im making an 29er for xc with a light 25mm wide rim and this will really let me know strength and rim width differences

Hope something there might have helped
I guess rim width ideally depends on purpose terrain and tyre pressures to whether you might prefer something very wide or moderately less.
My 700c guni rode and steered like a skitish unwielding beast but unigeezer suggested it was more due to tyre pressure (80psi) more than lack of rim width. Was stupidly quick though!

Thejoker if your nearby and like to catch up run over anything true a wheel or hit some trails message me
Also im in a few mtb events later in the year if your excited enough??
Ones called crazy penguin