26 or 29?

ok I started with a 20,then I bought a 24,now i want 26 or should i just go with 29,i do mostly cross country stuff,should I wait for the KH26 or buy the 29??please any help would be apprieciated
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How tall are you, and what kind of riding do you like? I have a 24 MUni, and a 29 road. I have taken my 29’er on nice XC trails, and it’s super fun and fast. I had a 26" wheel on that uni for a while, and I ended up just wanting it to be a little faster, so I built up a 29" wheel. The sense I’m getting based on recent forum activity is that: the 26" is a good all around MUni, the 29" is a more dedicated XC machine, and for technical stuff I think most people are reccomending a 24".

I’m sure there will be more feedback on this, but a little more info from your end will help.

May as well get a 36’er and save yourself an upgrade or two.

If you want to ride on the road, then you want a 36. If you get a 36, the KH36 is the best on the market. I’ve ridden each of these for quite a while: KH36, Nimbus 36, steel Coker. I’ve ridden a Hunter 36 a few times (borrowing Grace Hoover’s for a ride), so I have a bit of experience with different cokers.

However, given the cost of the KH36, unless you want to go really fast, you may be better off having a more versatile 24, and get a Schlumpf hub for it (provided you have a KH24 frame). The geared KH24 is really a great all round unicycle; great for tough offroad, but versatile enough to do unicycling touring. It would be perfect for cross country.


As a Schlumpf owner, I think it’s insane to recommend a Schlumpf uni to someone unless they clearly have a specific need for it and a full stable of non-Schlumpf unicycles. For one thing, you can buy 3-5 good unicycles for the cost of a Schlumpf hub. For another, the things are among the least reliable pieces of unicycle equipment in existence, and if they break down they’re completely unserviceable except by disassembling the wheel and sending the hub to Switzerland, where Florian will work on it if he has the time. And finally, they’re a lot harder to ride well than non-Schlumpf unicycles; I have a friend who has one who rides it in the low gear nearly all the time because, after hundreds of miles, she’s still intimidated by the high gear. She would have been much better off with a $500 standard Coker. Most people don’t need “the best on the market.”

Answering the question that was actually asked: If you already have a 24, it’s probably not worth getting a 26; the difference is pretty small. Go for the 29er for cross country. A 36" also might be appropriate, depending on how much technical stuff there is in your cross country, and whether you ride a lot on roads.

Tom’s got some great points.

The KH 36 is $844, and the KH 24 is $621. Getting both would be: $1165. $1900 is what UDC is selling the Schlumpf KH 24 – I guess that is quite a premium for the hub, and you definitely could get two top of the line ungeared (24" and 36") KH unicycles, and probably a 20" for the price of the geared KH24. But, for someone who is considering just one ultimate unicycle, the geared 24 would be my choice. Course, that is just my opinion!


As a 26" rider I say the difference between a 24 and 26 is noticeable but too small to justify having both if used for similar riding. I would go strait to 29 or 36.

If you have a good 24" then go for 29" or possibly 36". 29" is more versatile than 36", but 36" has a special charm all of its own.

26 is only 8% bigger than 24. (Yes, I know diameters are only nominal.)

Go for the 29"

I would go for the 29" if you are doing mostly cross country. I have the KH29 and love it. I would not want it for technical singles but for cross country rides with drops of less that 30cm and little need to hop it is the machine to have. I have done 30km cross country rides on it no problem. The KH29 is very nice and worth it even if it is more expensive!


The 29 is a nice size to ride around. It is still maneuverable, but it has more speed than a 24 or a 26. A 36" is just not as nimble.

ok thanks

ok thanks for the info,it looks like the 29er is gonna be my next one,im goin to order this coming friday,thanks for all the help.


Good decission. As you say XC is your favorite and therefore I love my KH29. But you know every wheel has its special feeling and is worth having it - as long as it’s a KH (I sold nearly everything else - only KHs, a Street 28 Siegmono and Freestyle Siegmono left). And I fully agree with Corbin that the absolut ultimative unicycle so far is a KH24 Schlumpf.