26 or 29; street or muni

Currently have some 20s and a Nimbus 24 Muni. Questions:

  • is the jump to 26 too small…should I go for the 29?
  • do street and some light MUNI. Would a Nimbus street hold up well?
  • would definitely need a brake – thoughts on the two kinds (pros/cons).

Thanks for any information/anecdotes.

Go big! Just to have a “different feel” to your riding, I think you (and your talented kids) will like the initial weirdness of the big wheel, and quickly grow into the speed. If you’re going to invest in a new uni, don’t get something “just a little” different, go nuts and get the big one.

Happy riding!

The 29 (or 26+) is my go to size for muni. : ) I second what UnderTheLake said.

If you haven’t ridden a fat-tire muni… well there’s your answer in my book. It’s as fast as a 29er on flat ground and even faster in the rough stuff. I swapped from a Larry to a Nate tire and don’t notice any auto-steer at all with the Nate.

Hi bradahj

I’ve got a 19 Trials, a 26 Muni and a 36. I’ve just added a 24 Muni to my collection because I wanted to improve my Muni technical skills and I find the 26 Muni just a bit too difficult to control when doing drops, rolling hops etc… I have to say the 24 with the Duro is fantastic and is now my favourite size for Muni.

Conclusion: now that I’ve got the 24 Muni I could easily live without the 26 (they are very close in size) and just get myself a 27.5 or 29 instead.


Fat tire

Hmmmmm… never thought of that… isn’t the weight a big factor?

I’ll have to check around, find videos, etc… I’m in the “buying without trying” part of the country so appreciate on the insights.

Thanks. :slight_smile:

As heavy as they look- the fat tires are only slightly heavier than a corresponding 29er tire. Everyone who picks up my fatbikes and Hatchet are amazed at how light they are.

I own a 24"muni, a 19" trials, and a Hatchet fatty and they are all very different rides. It is a lot of fun to adapt to each of them and really helps with learning.

I just weighed my surly with a 27 tpi nate and a marge lite rim and 150 moment cranks. 15.4 lbs. My mostly stock nimbus 29er with 138 ventures and a magura brake… 15.4 lbs. The surly frame is on the heavy side, and I was using a people-scale, which I think is only accurate to 2 lbs or so and is definitely a ROUGH estimate, but they are comparable weights. The actual rolling weight of my fat tire feels about the same or less than the 29er, but it’s hard to say from my perception. Even if it’s heavier, you have less fatigue and can tackle more obstacles because of the low pressures you can run. As Paochow said, everybody who rides one is surprised at how nimble it is, and I’ve already convinced 3 people to get them. : P

In any case, if you’re looking at a new muni, and you have the means to try out a fat tire, definitely put it in the running. My 29er gets ridden less and less.

If you don’t like the hatchet design, or want a smaller q factor, mad4one just came out with a frame that fits a standard 100mm hub and a 4" tire at a very low weight.

Then there’s also the whole “if you haven’t ridden a 36er and enjoy road riding, get one” argument.


honestly I’ve been very happy with my nimbus 29 though, and they’re really really cheap for how awesome of a cycle it is. If we didn’t have at least 5" of snow on the ground all winter here, I may have never found the joy of a fat tire in the summer. : P

Yup, I agree. 26+ or 29 with a Knard, or 36er even. Speed muni. Leave runners in the dust.

If you have a 24" mUni already, I’d jump right to the 29". I enjoy riding on my 29", but it is a struggle, because it’s a muni-fied previous-year model (Nimbus Road Unicycle with Drak frame and a heavier wheel), pretty heavy and sluggish feeling. Kind of like running with ankle weights. There are some nice, lightweight 29ers on the market. Just my 2 cents.


Thank you for the insights. So many choices. :thinking:

I’m gravitating toward a Nimbus 29 road w/disc brake or the Nimbus 27.5 muni… how does the muni handle road riding as I can see it being used for on and off-road use. Or is it better to go with the road uni and use it for light muni riding. Another consideration is the cold weather and riding in the snow…the fatter tire would definitely be a plus here.

My Nimbus “Road” unicycle came with a kind of heavy wheel. Not really a problem for most riding conditions, but when things get technical, I wish I had less inertia to overcome. You might compare the weight of the wheel on the “Road” 29" to something like an Oracle.

All of the Nimbus 29s use the same rim. The road and steel muni use the steel hub and the Oracle muni, road and “steel disc ready” use the aluminum flange steel axel hub that UDC seems to be getting rid of due to noise. The new Oracles and Hatchet come with disc brake mounts on the frame. The 27.5 has an all steel hub and the 32 and hatchet with have a one piece aluminum 125mm hub. UDC UK has all Oracle frame sizes with brake mounts in stock. So I figure when UDC runs out of current stock all Oracles will have frames with disc mounts and one piece hubs, steel for 100mm models and aluminum for 125mm models.
I have been wanting a 29 road uni for some time so I opted for something custom from UDC UK. Sunday night I ordered an all black Oracle 29 road with the new brake mount frame, a steel disc hub and the new Stadium saddle. For some reason they have the Shimano brake that comes on the new Oracles but the don’t have a rotor or adaptor. So I ordered the brake from UDC US. The brake arived yesterday and the uni is supposed arrive tomorrow. I will post pictures when I get it assembled.

I was wrong above about the 29 Oracle muni does now have the all steel hub.

A light hub doesn’t make a huge difference. The higher moment of inertia is what makes wheels feel heavy. The hub doesn’t really contribute to that. Mostly in the rim and tire combo.

You could also put a more street like tire on the 24 and get a Hatchet. Yes lots of choices.

street tire

Actually… that’s what I have on my 24 right now… The Dura Leopard (?) that came stock had to be changed out for street riding.

Hatchet?..yes, that has crossed my mind…just don’t want to make an $850 “mistake” by buying the wrong one (although, somehow I think that I’d get used to it) :smiley: Good versatility with different tire diameters possible…but wonder what kind of “beast” it really is compared to a regular Nimbus 26 or 27.5.

The hatchet seems quite a mean machine. But in real life, it doesn’t look as scary as on the pictures. And people say it’s surprisingly light too.

Not to hijack this thread but what would be a good street tire? I’m thinking about doing so but want something lighter than the Hookworm. Anyone tried the Schwalbe Big Ben? Bigger volume that the Big Apple (in 24") but under 700g.

I’d recomment you a 27.5+. It’s of the same outer diameter as a 29er or a fat 26er but has more suspension than the 29er and rides easier than the hatchet.

I love my G27.5+.
I had a 24" Muni and wanted something bigger. First I wanted to take a normal 29er Muni (around 2.4" tire width) but then I chose the 27.5+ because it also has the outer diameter of a 29er and has the same wide tire as my 24er (3" Duro Wildlife).

Maybe my overview of wheel, rim and tire sizey may help you a bit:

I made a translated version of the tire and wheel sizes diagram:

I hope this can help some of you with choosing the right size

As always, nice reference charts you make :slight_smile: