26 on a KH29

Does anyone know if you can get a hydraulic brake to work for a 26inch wheel on a kh29??

Oh my god I want to know the answer to this as well!

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I think the only way to run a 26 tire on the 29 frame, and still use the brake, is to somehow remove the brake mounts and reweld them onto the frame so they fit a 26 inch rim.


If you use regular bike style mounts with your Magura calipers, there’s a pretty good chance that they will work. The bike mounts have a 3/4" slot in them where they attach to the brake boss. I would imagine that you cound use the lower brake bolt hole in your frame as the “brake boss” and that should drop the caliper low enough so that the brake pads are in alignment with the rim braking surface. I compared the distances between my mtb with 26" rims and my 29’r unicycle and I believe this should work:D :wink: