26 nimbus oracle, or 24" kris holmes?

Which one is “better”? i.e, stronger? I’ve heard kris holmes’ are nearly indestructable, but I like how the nimbus has the disc brake, for 30.00 more. But are the nimbus’ up to par with the kris holmes’?


Yes to the " are nimbus’ up to par with kris holms’"?

Yes, they are on par, just different, kinda like bikes or computers.

I have two of each, they all work fine. Strength is a non issue for 99.99% of the riders out there, so don’t sweat durability.

They are made in the same factories, if that helps.

More agile: 24
More speed: 26

KH and Nimbus Oracle are made in 24 and 26

Oh, I had no idea they were made in the same factory, Is there anything on the oracle that you would change/switch out for something else? I’m most likely going to switch the saddle out for a KH fusion freeride, but is there anything else?

Buy a used one

Try before you buy, look for a forum member near you who has one you can try.

You can only change what they’ll let you change, but the KH Freeride is a good seat.

Yeah, I’ve been looking for used ones, no luck yet, but it’s going to be awhile before i can afford one Lol.